What a Salesforce beginner can learn during a month’s intensive hands-on course

I recently got the chance to participate in Sofigate’s Salesforce Business Technology University, the SF BTU. As I had no previous Salesforce experience, I was initially slightly unsure of how I would succeed at the SF BTU course.

The month-long course consists of two different tracks: one for functional consultants and another for programmers. I enrolled on the Functional Consultant Track. My expectations for the course were high, but I was positively surprised that it delivered even more!

SF BTU is not exclusively about technical Salesforce issues: it also includes a lot of interesting and useful lessons for an aspiring consultant.


Certification on the horizon, client practice on the way

The SF BTU course was well organized and covered a lot of useful topics which were delivered in concise segments that were easy to absorb.

First, we had a week of preparing for the SF admin certification. Our instructor was superb! The SF admin training covered all the topics one needs to master to pass the SF administrator certification exam.

The following weeks consisted of training for both functional consultants and programmers. We also had a chance to build a solution for Sofigate’s clients: the solution was then reviewed, and each team received feedback on their work.


Comprehensive content from inspiring instructors

The course delivered especially on the project management side, as there were enlightening interactive lessons on how to succeed in Salesforce implementation projects. This gave me knowledge about bringing value to clients who choose the number one CRM platform as their growth enabler.

Other topics at the course included, for example, how to build a great SF demo, SF user experience, integrations and organizational change management, to mention just a few. I felt that all the teachers and lecturers were really skilled and experienced in their work.

Towards the end of the course, we were given some time to prepare for the SF admin certification. The exam went well for me and I am now the proud owner of an SF administrator certification!

Confidence for future career paths

The SF BTU was a great way to gain knowledge of Salesforce consultancy work and it gave me confidence to pursue a career as a Salesforce solution architect. It also inspired me to obtain more SF certifications, which I will definitely do in the near future.

I strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in Salesforce consulting or programming work and to those who would like to gain more all-round knowledge about Salesforce’s powerful functionalities.


About the Author

Lauri Tapani is a Solution Consultant at Sofigate’s Salesforce team.

Lauri has a master’s degree in Strategic Management and he is passionate about business automation and transforming customer experience into next level by leveraging leading CX technologies.

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