Demand for new ServiceNow talent is dire. We at Sofigate invest heavily in bringing new talent to the mix. We also want to ensure that our existing ServiceNow specialists receive constant opportunities to learn and grow. For Sofigate, the new-and-improved training programme with AW Academy means new talents to support our ambitious growth. The training programme offers a fast lane for those wishing to work in the junction between IT and business.

Sofigate and AW Academy have held three training programmes in previous years, two of which were completely tailored to Sofigate’s needs. However, the upcoming class is special, says Mirva Sainiemi, Sofigate’s Talent Business Partner.

–Previous classes have all been face-to-face in a classroom. This new virtual class created in a joint effort between two countries is a great example of the digital maturity of both Sofigate and AW Academy in the middle of a global pandemic.

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Sofigators help an international corporation to renew their human resources

The programme offers candidates to work in real-life projects with actual customers. Sofigate Analyst Janna Ahtiainen and Senior Analyst Markus Nilsson are both AW ServiceNow Academy graduates. They praise highly the chance to learn by doing and with the support of a talented team. After joining Sofigate, both have worked on several interesting customer cases. One of the latest is a ServiceNow project for an internationally operating industry giant.

The company wanted to strategically renew the way human resources work. The multinational organisation wanted to bring their HR services to the next level by building on the capabilities withing the HR platform that HR Service Delivery offers. Now, the company is looking to broaden their perspective and the way they use ServiceNow platform. By building seamless workflows and making use of process automation possibilities, they are making people’s everyday work much better.

For our two ServiceNow professionals, the cross borders collaboration in the project has been a welcome chance to learn from both the customer and colleagues.

–It is a big project, and we have teams from all three countries participating. It has been a great chance to work more together with people from all of our locations and with different areas of expertise. It is very valuable to learn from different working models, specialists and experiences. The information on how things are done in different countries is very important, says Ahtiainen.

Two career stories: from different starting points to the same goal

The AW ServiceNow Academy is a 12-week bootcamp which is tailored for the type of talent we are currently looking to hire. Successful candidates of the training programme are welcomed aboard to be full-time sofigators. But what is the experience like from the applicant’s point of view?

Before landing at Sofigate, Ahtiainen had already made a career for herself – or, in fact, several. She had worked as a financial advisor and in human resources, to name a few. However, those career paths felt like they were missing something.

–I felt I wanted to do something hands-on. When I joined the Academy, it felt like I had come home. I didn’t want to study for a long period, and the programme gave me the opportunity to learn as I go, and work with business talents and brilliant minds in several countries. I’m happy I found this opportunity when I did!

Nilsson works on various ServiceNow implementations with Sofigate’s customers these days. For him, joining AW Academy and then Sofigate was the chance to find a career path that feels right.

­–When I finished my university studies, I felt the field was not the right choice for me. During that summer, I got the opportunity to study at the AW ServiceNow Academy. I was impressed, it was interesting and fun to learn this way. It is a great way to come into the business. From the beginning, I felt that the company believed in me and were not just looking at grades, Nilsson says.

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A game-changer for talents and growth fuel for Sofigate

As a result of this collaboration our customers will have skilled professionals to aid them in their digital transformation. For the AW Academy graduates joining Sofigate, the programme opens up a chance to work with brilliant businesspeople both at Sofigate and our customers’ side and gives them access to different types of projects early on in their new career.

–It’s a faster start for all of us. We are able to have new specialists working much faster than through traditional recruiting processes, and the new talents get to work on real projects from the beginning. We are proud to offer these kinds of possibilities to those looking to change careers. It also helps us to diversify and expand our talent base, says Sainiemi.

For those looking to change directions in their career path Ahtiainen and Nilsson both have the same message: Take the opportunity.

–It’s a lifelong journey and you learn every day. You will never be bored! We get to work in interesting projects with top companies. Sometimes we consult, other times we implement or do sales – there’s a lot of variety. These days I always look forward to Monday morning and the start of the week, says Ahtiainen.

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