Our team in Öresund works together from both sides of the Öresund bridge, Malmö and Copenhagen, but also with our 600 experts around the Nordics. What is it like when half of your team is on the other side of the sea? Experts Abdullah and Helene discuss their work, team and favorite memories in our podcast hosted by Paula Kauppinen – read the article and listen to the episode!

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Abdullah Almiqasbi, senior management consultant, and Helene Claesson, senior project manager, know that working at a growth company means there are no boring days. They both are a part of our growing Öresund team, Abdullah located in Copenhagen, while Helene is a Malmö resident.

Having worked at Sofigate for around three years, both agree that one of their favorite memories as Sofigators was their joint trip to Finland for Sofigate Academy, our internal training program, when they first started. It took place in the winter, and some brave souls took a dip in an icy lake after a fully booked training day.

“It describes my experience starting at Sofigate quite well. It was my first full-time position, navigating a whole new world fresh out of college.” He approached everything with a can do-attitude, even if he hadn’t done it before. “It is all about giving things a shot – and it was worth it”, Abdullah says.

Helene Claesson and Abdullah Almiquasbi, Sofigates Öresund experts with Paula Kauppinen, the podcast host

Working to make a difference and bring about positive change

Both interviewees agree that their biggest motivation is making a difference and bringing positive change: helping the customer to become the star with a joint effort. Helene works as a part of a customer PMO and keeps busy with a variety of projects at the same customer. Many of her projects are related to ServiceNow, meaning she gets to collaborate with Sofigate’s ServiceNow experts from across Nordics.

According to Abdullah, the common thread in his customer assignments is that they have been for large companies’ IT organisations looking to optimise the way they deliver value to business – like when he did a SIAM (service integration and management) maturity assessment for one of Denmarks largest machinery manufacturer, making sure all the IT organisation’s suppliers work closely together to get most value for business. Abdullah has had a range of projects varying from maturity assessments to RPA to project management. Currently he is doubling in two projects, one for ServiceNow and one for building an operating model.


An international work community for daring individuals

Both Abdullah and Helene have a strong international background, and when podcast host Paula Kauppinen asked for a fun fact, Helene mentioned she lived abroad for 10 years, and Abdullah spent a third of his life in China and speaks fluent Chinese – and used to DJ there, too.

Both interviewees say they enjoy working together across borders immensely. For Helene, the international setting was one of the main reasons she joined Sofigate. Nordic collaboration is one of the most exciting things for Abdullah too:

“You really feel like you’re a part of something bigger, the entire organisation works together to provide value for customers.”

How would the two describe the team in general? Abdullah says: “Family, that’s determined and kind” – words that all Sofigate colleagues have in common. Helene agrees, and adds that she thinks the company values – dare, care, grow – are not just words but are made real in everyday working life.

“With the Sofigate team you never feel alone, someone’s always there to have your back. It’s a great team. We dare to be honest and try new things, we care a lot about each other and have each other’s backs. And to grow together: learn from each other, share experiences and knowledge”, she says.


Looking for ambitious team members who know how to have fun

The Öresund team has high ambitions, and they are looking for like-minded teammates to join their ranks. Excited about new colleagues, Helene and Abdullah list some beneficial qualities for a candidate: professional, tolerant, curious about people, and willing to offer and ask for help. With 600 colleagues around you, making use of the rest of the organisation as it is key to success in consultant work.

Abdullah would like to see someone with a startup-mindset join the team, as they navigate the changing environment that comes with rapid growth. High ambitions sometimes bring chaos, and Abdullah says that is something to be mindful of.

“Before applying, ask yourself if you want to be a part of a growth journey where you’ll play a crucial role in shaping the future of the region. Once you join, you get to shape your own career path, you’re the master of your world. You have an abundance of tools, services and training opportunities. Find your soul and what you want to do, and you definitely find the people to support you to do that!”, says Abdullah.

However, it is not all work at Öresund – both Helene and Abdullah would like the new colleague to be fun to be around.

“Most importantly, be down to have fun while working hard: before every serious meeting we usually take 5-10 minutes for banter and having fun before getting down to business”, says Abdullah. On that note, both Abdullah and Helene say they would be happy to answer any questions about the position. Feel free to contact them at LinkedIn or via email!


Who are Helene and Abdullah and what’s their work like? What have they learned from a fellow Sofigator? What advice would they give? And who jumped in the icy lake at the Academy training and who didn’t? Listen to the podcast below to find out! If you want to join the team, head on to sofigate.com/oresund-recruitment/ to learn more!

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