Sofigate has recently signed a partnership agreement with 4me, a ready enterprise service management and SIAM platform vendor. The collaboration allows Sofigate to offer SIAM as an out-of-the-box service and solution also for smaller, mid-market companies, coupling their best practices and SIAM professionals with 4me technology. 

SIAM, Service Integration and Management, is a management framework that allows an organisation to manage its enterprise wide service provider ecosystem transparently and efficiently.

SIAM framework is not only useful for large enterprises. Smaller organisations can utilise it to drive their business’ digital transformation just as well.

Effective implementation of SIAM usually calls for a management solution, a technology that automates processes and communication between different service providers. Previously Sofigate’s SIAM service has relied mostly on ServiceNow’s platform, which is targeted for large organisations. Sofigate’s new collaboration with 4me makes the benefits of SIAM available also for mid-market companies.

Easy and fast implementation alongside the SIAM framework

4me platform has pre-configured enterprise service management (ESM) and SIAM processes and data analytics capabilities that fit Sofigate SIAM service concept. The platform does not require customising and features ready integration interfaces for many well-known IT service providers’ services.

This means that the solution is easy and fast to implement alongside the SIAM management model, and enables an organisation to transform the overall value gained from its ecosystem to a whole new level.

“Our customers have been happy with Sofigate’s SIAM service, because it allows them to focus on supporting business development and digital transformation projects in their own organisation. IT and other core services run efficiently when they are professionally managed. Customers can access quality reports and analytics at any given time, and utilise the collected data to enhance their operations. I’m excited that we now have the technology that allows us to offer the same level of service to Mid-Market companies as well”, says Pavel Haimi, Head of Sofigate’s SIAM business area.

Sofigate is the market leader in SIAM services in the Nordics and has been developing its open-source SIAM framework since 2014. Its customers include companies and organisations such as Outokumpu, YIT, OP and Valmet.


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