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Dozens of New Employees Needed for Service Offering 

IT management service company Sofigate accelerates its growth. The company has improved its turnover by 20 per cent annually in recent years, and now it has agreed on a significant training contract with elevators giant KONE. In addition to organic growth, Sofigate is also considering acquisitions in the Nordic area.

The new initiative with KONE, a couple of millions worth, is highly significant for Sofigate. According to Sofigate CEO Sami Karkkila, the company plans to recruit dozens of new employees to meet the growing demand. Both the company’s turnover and its number of staff has been growing exponentially in recent years. This year’s turnover is estimated to grow by almost a third, to 30 million euros. Sofigate has already recruited 50 new staff members this year, and the aim is to add a further 20 or 30 by the end of the year. This would mean a total staff of 220. Next year, Karkkila plans to grow his team of “Sofigators” further to 300 employees.

“We are growing at such a speed that it is slightly challenging to find enough top talents in Finland,” said Karkkila. “This is just one of the reasons why we are looking into the global market.”

In addition to the Nordic region, Sofigate is focusing ever more intently on Central Europe.

“Minority stakeholding does not interest us, but apart from that we are looking at possible targets with open minds,” said Karkkila.

The agreement with KONE is global. The aim of the training program is to speed up IT service design and management at KONE. The training initiative will be completed by the end of the year 2016.

Sofigate’s fundamental idea is to help companies get more out of their investments by building frameworks to assist IT management. The company has created open standards in this field, and these have been widely adopted by several major companies.

“Digitalization has not succeeded in reaping all of its potential results in Finnish companies. The main reason for this failure is a lack of management skills,” said Karkkila.

According to Karkkila, even the best companies still have more to achieve in this regard.

“The leap in productivity could easily be 30 per cent instead of five – if IT functions can be managed more efficiently,” said Karkkila.

KONE is one of the leading companies in Finland and it is looking to benefit further from digitalization in the next couple of years. A couple of weeks ago KONE announced it is going to merge its research and development functions with its IT function to form a completely new Technology and Innovations Unit.

According to KONE CIO Antti Koskelin, the company is expecting Sofigate to deliver it the IT Standard for Business, including utilization, training and coaching of IT management. What is important is that the KONE IT management should be able to communicate with other companies using the same “language” – which is something that the IT Standard enables.

Sofigate hosts a club for CIO’s with 43 participants from the top 100 companies in Finland.

“I want to utilize the strength of this network and its best practices that have been collected into a useful package in the IT Standard,” said Koskelin.

Koskelin sees the lack of direct competition between top Finnish companies as one of the main assets of Finnish industry. As the companies are not competing against each other, they can better offer support to others.


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