Press release March 17th 2015

Sofigate is the first in the Nordics to launch an open-source Service Integration and Management offering – Service Management Office (SMO) as a service.

Its framework is based on the best practices of Service Integration and Management, developed by Sofigate in cooperation with Fortum, Neste Oil, Pöyry, Sanoma and five other significant ICT management organizations.

SMO as a service frees up ICT management to focus on actually serving the business and saves valuable time and resources.

The new service is completed by cooperation agreements that Sofigate is negotiating with all the major IT service companies in the Nordics, with the objective to guarantee the compatibility of services and the framework. The first ones to make the contract are CGI, Enfo, Fujitsu, HCL and Sonera.

As business adapts itself to the changes of digitalization, it needs better IT services faster and at a lower cost than before. Finnish companies have the habitude of acquiring flexibility and capability by purchasing services from outside. They are paying special attention to Service Integration and Management, and the demand for such offering is growing.

Sofigate answers this demand as it launches its new Service Integration and Management offering including a framework that it has created together with Finnish IT management organisations. Based on their best pratices, the company has productized an in-a-box SMO as a Service offering that is completed by cooperation agreements with significant IT service providers. The contracts guarantee that services and the framework are compatible.

”Service Integration and Management need to be productized in order for business to get the most out of outsourced services. A company’s in-house service managers often spend their time developing processes and putting out small fires when they should be focusing on serving the business instead. SMO as a service means that, from now on, companies can acquire the best SIAM practices, experts and tools as an easy in-a-box offering”, says Marko Näppäri, Sofigate Head of SIAM.

The best practices of Finnish companies as SIAM framework’s baseline

By choosing SMO as a Service, companies get to enjoy uniform services, the best possible use of their IT service providers, and cost savings as unnecessary service integration work is reduced. Service managers who have previously been tied down with operative provider management can now concentrate on actually serving their core business and on developing solutions.

The cornerstone of the service is the SIAM framework developed by Sofigate in cooperation with Fortum, Neste Oil, Pöyry, and Sanoma. It is based on the best practices originating from work with these major Finnish corporations. Latterly also Fingrid, Saab, Veikkaus and the cities of, Espoo and Vantaa have implemented the framework in their operations.

“Sofigate’s Service Integration and Management concept works, and it offers companies the possibility to benefit from each other’s development work. I welcome the idea of an ecosystem where customers and service providers ‘speak each other’s language’ and agree on shared processes and practices. At the same time, SIAM services are being developed and there are new options to overcome challenges in the field. My recommendation to each and every CIO is to think long and hard of what well-functioning SIAM means for their business. As for Pöyry, it means combining our ‘Good enough IT’ model with Sofigate’s proven SIAM framework”, says Vesa Erolainen, CIO of Pöyry

Indian and European IT service providers to stand behind Sofigate’s SIAM concept

To succeed in a multi-provider environment, it is essential for IT service providers to strive for a common goal and to operate in a uniform manner. In order to attain this state, Sofigate is negotiating cooperation contracts with several major global and Nordic IT service providers. Each provider engages itself to following the best practices of the SIAM framework when cooperating with Sofigate. In the first phase, the contract is made with CGI, Enfo, Fujitsu, HCL and Sonera.

”SMO as a Service proves our capability of productizing services that are significant both on national and international level. Our objective is to grow Sofigate into an international company of 750 employees and a turnover of 100 million euros”, says Sami Karkkila, CEO of Sofigate

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