Press release 1/4/2011

This was one of the results that were revealed in a national survey by the Finnish Information Processing Association (FIPA) and Sofigate about ICT Management in Finland. The survey, which was carried out for the second time, mapped out the state of ICT management and surveyed how business and ICT co-operate, manage their work and measure their targets.

ICT Management in Finland 2011 -survey was implemented as an online questionnaire in January and February 2011. The survey received answers from 153 people and 144 different organizations, of which 132 were companies. The survey targeted large companies and management level employees.

The answers represent 14% of Finnish companies with over a hundred employees. In other words, the results illustrate quite well the actual credibility and distribution of ICT management best practises.

Despite long-term problems, positive development noticed in ICT management

“This year’s survey supports the fact that ICT management’s long-term problems are still current. On the other hand the results show a lot of positive signals as well, for example regarding project success and follow-up”, says Rober Serén from FIPA.

This year’s survey results reveal that almost half (44%) of Finnish companies don’t have a process or plan for ICT service incidents. Just by applying some quality-control methods, it would be possible to minimize unnecessary incidents in business critical production systems and data connections and thus secure business operations.

“While many things in ICT management have developed in a positive direction, 42% of survey participants admit that the ICT management team is missing a few essential business representatives. If this is not corrected, the companies will struggle to act according to business needs”, says senior executive, Jari Raappana from Sofigate Oy.

One key finding in the survey was that ICT projects seem to succeed better than before. Based on the survey results, projects keep their schedules better than before, use project management methods and tools more effectively and the project follow-up is more regular. Teams are also better prepared for unexpected problems and changes in resourcing.

The trend question in the ICT Management in Finland 2011 -survey was information security in cloud computing. The survey shows that companies don’t doubt security in cloud computing (61%). However a quarter (23%) of participants don’t use cloud computing in business critical systems due to security related reasons. The ICT department is clearly more sceptical about information security in cloud computing than business is. 

Comparing the public and private sector, the survey showed that the public sector is more eager to outsource ICT-operations than other fields. The public sector sees ICT operations more understandable and less mysterious than the private sector.

For more information about the survey, please contact:

Jari Raappana, Senior Executive, Sofigate Oy, + 358 400 511 333

Robert Serén, Toiminnanjohtaja, Finnish Information Processing Association, +358 400 446 300

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