Press release 15 March 2012

Finnish ICT management organizations react to the company’s tightened budget and cost management. The ICT operations are managed and monitored more and more on the cost and budget point of view. Compared to the previous year, the business management sees ICT more as an operative unit than a part of the implementation of the company’s strategy.

These were some of the results that were revealed in a recent national survey by the Finnish Information Processing Association (FIPA) and Sofigate about ICT management in Finland. The survey mapped out the state of ICT management and surveyed how business and ICT co-operate, manage their work and measure their targets.

The survey revealed that the change in cost management is also visible in the fact that companies are now reserving less “free space” in their budget for unexpected extra costs, compared to last year’s corresponding survey-results.

Less than third of Finnish companies are regularly and systematically following the status and success of ICT projects

The survey also revealed that ICT project monitoring and follow-up has gone down almost 20 % compared to last year. Less than third of the companies (28 %) told they are monitoring project status and success systematically for each project, when last year the corresponding figure was 46 %.

All business units are still not represented in the ICT management team. Only two thirds of the companies with more than 500 employees announced that the ICT management team has a representative from all business units.

Business and ICT have clearly moved further apart in their perceptions on how well the business understands ICT operations. The business feels they understand ICT better than before, whereas the ICT feels that the understanding for their operations has significantly deteriorated.

Many resources are still used for redesigning and planning of projects. One in eight companies announced that they are forced to use significant amounts of money for project re-design.

Companies don’t yet allow end-users to use their own devices (laptops and phones) at work

This year’s survey also mapped out for the first time how companies are reacting to their employees using their own devices at work. Majority of the participants (88 %) announced that use of any own equipment is still prohibited or very restricted. The survey revealed that the bigger the company, the stricter the policy for BYOD (BringYourOwnDevice).

ICT Management in Finland 2012 -survey was implemented as an online questionnaire in January and February 2012. The survey received answers from 125 people and 117 different organizations. The survey targeted large companies and management level employees.

For more information about the survey, please contact:

Jari Raappana, Senior Executive, Sofigate Oy, + 358 400 511 333

Robert Serén, Toiminnanjohtaja, Finnish Information Processing Association, +358 400 446 300

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