Press release March 5th 2015

Sofigate has appointed Marko Näppäri as Business Executive. Näppäri, who has an impressive and long background in Fujitsu, is the first Business Executive, selected through Sofigate’s Business Executive Pilots program, which kicked off in January.

Sofigate, a pioneer in the ICT management field needs adaptable and agile executives to strengthen the company’s growth and help to enter the global market. Therefore we are looking for five business leaders in our Business Executive Pilots campaign. The future Sofigate Business Executives will be trained to succeed in their new challenges in world’s best universities and offered a partnership in the company to ensure commitment.

Marko Näppäri says his motivation and driver to join the company was a chance to create new market in a pioneer company and introduce new ICT management practices to the world.

“I got familiar with Sofigate and its ICT Standard for Management already in my previous job. I followed the company curiously as it seemed that the success story and growth just wouldn’t stop. Having new and useful concepts for customers from Finland’s top 100 companies was truly interesting. Now I am a Business Executive at Sofigate and responsible for one of the more recent, Service Management with SIAM (Service Integration and Management) service”, says Marko Näppäri.


Patience is a Virtue When Recruiting Key Personnel

Sofigate’s CEO Sami Karkkila is very happy with the interest and “buzz” the Business Executive Pilots campaign has stirred.

”We’ve received several, very good applications and met some promising candidates for the position. I appreciate that us Finns have the courage to reach for a demanding position in a growth company. We are by no means a steady place to work”, says Karkkila.

Although the willingness to grow is extremely strong, patience is a virtue when it comes to recruiting. The Business Executive Pilots program will go on until all five, exactly right candidates have been found. The decision has to feel good for both parties.

“We want to recruit people who really want to join us and who we really feel fitting to our culture. There are no shortcuts and therefore also the program will not close until it is finished. On the other hand, and as with all recruiting decisions, we are ready to move fast when the right match is found.”


Sofigate Business Executive Pilot Program Principles:

  1. Searching for future potential, not only past merits.

As in the article by Harvard Business Review, recognizing potential is the fast changing world is the key when recruiting executive level employees.

  1. Investing in training the found potential.

Sofigate is looking for five potential Business Executives with capabilities to lead global growth. They will be sent to the world’s best business universities (Boston MIT or Lausanne IMD) to study strategic leadership. They will get to know Digitalization and Industrial Internet in Shanghai or Singapore. They will get the best possible support to grow in the role they have been given.

  1. Real work and the international endeavor start immediately.

Learning has to be continuous – and not happen in theory or staged environments. New Business Executives will prove themselves worthy right away working with global customers in London, Paris or Frankfurt.

  1. Leaders will commit to being part of the growth story.

When succeeding in their role, the Business Executives will be given a chance for partnership. The top leaders are no longer motivated by the traditional incentives, money and titles. They are looking for genuine opportunities to become an influencer.


Find out more about the Business Executive Pilots campaign (including videos) here:


For more information, please contact:

Sami Karkkila, CEO, Sofigate, +358 400 805 446

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