Press release 2/12/2015

IT management powerhouse Sofigate is recruiting 60 new employees to address growing demand for the company’s services. Currently employing a staff of 200, Sofigate aims to grow into an international company of 750 employees by the year 2020.

Harnessing IT management into an export product, Sofigate will be equally strengthening its key areas of expertise in 2016. The company is now hiring 20+20+20 employees, whose expertise and passion lies in IT services, IT management and information society development.

For Sofigate, finding the right talent with an understanding of IT and business means dozens of meetings with potential candidates each week. Despite a growing need and tough competition for talented people, Sofigate believes that recruitment is not about finding a quick fix.

”Our recruitment relies on truth rather than tricks. In our view, promising the world doesn’t lead very far. Most of all, people who are ready to become committed to a new workplace care about what the job is like in practice. In a growth company, expectations need to be on the right level on both sides, the employer and employee having an honest discussion about their compatibility,” explains Sofigate’s CEO Sami Karkkila.  


What is the appeal of a growth company as an employer?

Sami Karkkila lists factors that employees typically mention as the main reasons for wanting to work for the growth company:

  1. Freedom to self-manage – without bureaucracy
    ”Experts increasingly appreciate not being confined to a rigid organizational structure, but having the freedom to manage their own work instead. No over-reporting, endless meetings or bureaucracy to slow things down.”
  2. Goal-oriented work that can be influenced
    ”People are motivated by goals and their work having an impact. Typically, our candidates are interested in having an active role and personal responsibility for results, instead of working on projects just for the sake of it or talking jargon as consultants far-removed from reality.”
  3. Fair pay
    ”Already as a starting point, remuneration needs to be competitive and motivating. But also the principles for its distribution counts: personal efforts need to be rewarded with a fair bonus.
  1. Skills continuously up-to-date
    ”The world is changing at a fast pace, and professional skills need to be updated accordingly. Instead of sitting at training sessions, we prioritise development at work together with customers and supported by the work community and mentors. Each new employee takes part in an intensive training programme at the start of employment, which provides key skills for succeeding in customer work.”
  1. Proud of one another
    ”We often hear that people have wanted to join us after meeting a member of our staff. Employees who are proud of one another serve as walking recruitment ads. A skilled, enthusiastic work community is so much more than the sum of its employees.”


See the 20+20+20 recruiting campaign here.

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