Press release 10/3/2015

Sofigate and IMS Business Solutions Oy have started join forces around enterprise architecture services. Through the cooperation customer organizations are able to utilise a unique service combining an agile and easy to use enterprise architecture tool as well as top of the field expertise on enterprise architecture development and management.

Sofigate is Finland’s largest ICT management service provider. Specialised in ICT management planning, development and management, Sofigate is a market leader in Finland, establishing steady business also abroad. When it comes to enterprise architecture development expertise, Sofigate has the best line-up.

IMS Business Solutions Oy is software provider specialised in enterprise architecture solutions. IMS Business Solutions is part of Sofigate’s partner network, delivering solutions for Sofigate’s customers’ needs.

”We scouted the market for a enterprise architecture planning, managing and publishing solutions that would fulfill our customers’ needs. We chose the Architect Software, because it allows the enterprise architecture to be described in a new, easy and innovative way. That again eases the work for our experts and brings added value to our customers”, says Jori Kanerva from Sofigate.

”We have developed a new, versatile and visual solution for managing enterprise architecture and we offer that to customers as Saas. To produce the best possible service, we were looking for the best enterprise architecture expertise from Finland, not forgetting the possibilities to expand services globally. Our conversations with Sofigate management and architects convinced us of their way of working and wide experience”, explains Ossi Ritola from IMS Business Solutions.

We warmly welcome all current and new customers to experience the new cooperation first hand!


Sofigate Services Oy

Jori Kanerva
Managing director
+358 400 421 070

IMS Business Solutions Oy

Ossi Ritola
+358 500 602 922

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