This month Sofigate Denmark says welcome to two new colleagues to our Copenhagen Office

We are pleased to welcome Annabell and Viktorija to our Sofigate family. Curious to know why Annabell and Viktorija choose to join Sofigate? Read more below where they share their thoughts.


Sofigate Employee DK“As a typical generation Y, I wanted to work at a company that embraces all kinds of people and always focuses on providing the best solutions to their clients. When I came to Sofigate for my first interview I understood that Sofigate DK is not only a place you work: It is a welcoming culture whose strength lies in its flat organizational structure and diversity. I have from day one felt part of a team and enjoy the trust my colleagues have placed in me already. Furthermore, Viktorija and I have already been assigned a mentor as part of the Sofigate Mentorship program, supporting our further growth at Sofigate. During my first two weeks I have experienced a steep-learning curve, exciting new challenges and seen some of my deliverables already being applied in practice”.



Sofigate Employee DK

“With the increasing importance of digital transformation for firms to sustain their competitive advantage, I kept searching and reading about companies that have begun their digital journey and tried to understand the underlying processes. As this is a complex matter, I found it difficult to grasp this whole journey companies are going through and the purpose of it.  As an open-minded and curious person, I wanted to learn more! This drive drew me towards Sofigate, one of the few IT management consultancies that implement a holistic approach to digital transformation, bridging the gap between the technical side and human side of business. As digital transformation requires new ways of working, as well as change to the organization’s overall culture, I felt that Sofigate has very competent and professional people from whom I can learn from and grow.  I was also highly impressed by the transparent and welcoming culture of Sofigators. I am very happy to be part this amazing team and look forward to be part of and contribute to Sofigate’s growth journey”

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