Press release 11/5/17

Harri Sundvik, Executive Chairman at Hintsa Performance UK, has been appointed a member of the board at Sofigate starting from 1 May 2017. Mr Sundvik has an esteemed career as an investment banker in the City of London. His background equips him with the tools to strengthen Sofigate’s global investor relations and provides the board with deep knowhow of international growth.

Having combined IT and digitalisation leadership into a successful export product, Finnish company Sofigate is now looking to grow in Northern Europe. The company currently operates in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom, and estimates that the market for IT management and business technology will grow exponentially as digitalisation accelerates.

Sofigate aims to grow into an international powerhouse of 750 employees and a turnover of 100 million euros by 2020. Its estimated turnover for 2017 is 60 million euros.

Now Sofigate has invited Harri Sundvik as a new member with extensive knowledge of international financial markets to join the board. Mr Sundvik has worked as an investment banker, most recently in leadership roles in Bank of America Merrill Lynch and JPMorgan in London. Since summer 2016, Sundvik has led the UK business of the renowned Hintsa Performance wellbeing and leadership company.

“I have been telling Nordic company stories to global investors for the past 28 years. Compared to traditional players in the IT field, Sofigate has a truly unique business model: no one else has combined business technology with leadership perspective in the same way. All companies are currently thinking about digitalisation strategies – and this environment provides a company like Sofigate with exceptional possibilities. The time to set the bar high is right now,” said Harri Sundvik.

Growth With Wellbeing

According to Juha Huovinen, chairman of the board of directors at Sofigate, Harri Sundvik joins Sofigate at a moment when the company is executing and planning the next leaps of growth. Building relations with the global finance world becomes even more important as Sofigate is expanding its operations in the United Kingdom, where it already has an office in London after purchasing consulting and advisory company 3gamma.

Even though international growth is important for Sofigate, the company underlines its priority to maintain and develop the wellbeing of its employees. As an expert on the latest technologies, practices and studies on wellbeing, Mr Sundvik will also represent this element in the board of directors.

“We believe the performance of our organisation will improve by focusing on workplace wellbeing. We admire Harri Sundvik’s bold career change from international finance to well-being and people leadership, and we expect him to provide our board with additional momentum regarding this theme. Business growth is not possible without employees who enjoy and get excited about their work,” said Juha Huovinen.

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