Sofigate becomes a certified Celonis partner in the Nordics and combines industry leading technology to process mining know-how and consulting expertise. 

Year 2020 has introduced a curveball no business could have expected. The need for enhancing, streamlining and aligning processes and operations is universal, especially in industries where sales pipelines and shopping baskets loom emptier than ever.

Process mining is a tool that uses an organisation’s own transaction data bringing the real life processes to daylight. It’s a ready-fit solution for end-to-end performance acceleration revealing the black holes and spares of efficient operations.

Even before the pandemic hit, numerous studies from the world’s leading research institutions stated that the transition to a digital economy is the key trend organisations believe to impact their operations. Combing Sofigate’s process mining capabilities with Celonis process mining technology enables us to accelerate the business transformations of our customers.

Celonis is the market leader in AI-enhanced Process Mining and Process Excellence. Its customers include global companies such as Siemens, Uber, Citi, Coca Cola and Vodafone.

Next level Process Mining capabilities

Since process mining is a cross industry solution it can help organisations from high tech companies to manufacturing, and retail to public sector as well. Process mining is a great tool to ensure smoother and faster ERP transformations, business core solution developments and operating model updates ─ change programs that are essential for all organisations looking to strive in the new normal.

“Process mining integrates very well with the rest of our service offering and helps us to deliver data driven value to our customers and also further develop our own services. The new partnership with Celonis takes our process mining capabilities to the next level, allowing us to utilise Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud to deep-dive into business operations and find the process bottlenecks that could be designed better. ”, says Pasi Mantila, Head of Sofigate Business Technologies.

According to Pasi Mantila, a good example of an enhancement solution could be simplifying the flow of operations with the help of robotic process automation or even redesigning an organisation to avoid duplicate work.

Sofigate’s process mining team is excited to combine Celonis’ platform to the current technology offering.

“We continue to increase our own capabilities in enhancing operations efficiency with Celonis technology. Optimizing the utilisation of business platforms like Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP and Oracle and bringing even better value to our customers becomes a lot easier as we are able to analyse our own workflows as well. Process Mining is also a great tool for kicking off a technology transformation project, as it helps to map and design new, improved business processes and therefore define requirements for the technology in question”, says Simo Parkkali, Sofigate Process Mining Lead.


For more information, please contact:

Simo Parkkali

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