Press release 20/8/2015

Currently, there’s a record amount of highly educated jobseekers in Finland. With a shortage of positions available in former roles, retraining may be a necessary step for experienced professionals. IT management powerhouse Sofigate brings a new way for IT professionals to update their skills to match today’s competition and promptly get hold of a new position: Sofigate will be training twenty jobseekers into public sector ICT professionals through its practical Tietoyhteiskunnan tekijät (Information society shapers) training programme.

IT management powerhouse Sofigate has plans to grow into an international company with 750 employees by 2020. In addition to its corporate clients, public sector organizations make up for a large share of Sofigate’s customer base in Finland. IT management of public sector organizations will be under pressure and in need of enhanced efficiency in the next few years, as government spearhead initiatives outline digital public services as a key aim.

To support public sector IT management and with the latest ICT methods and tools at its disposal, Sofigate offers experts with the right experience and drive to steer changes required by the information society. The required combination of skills is unique, and Sofigate is growing rapidly. Sofigate estimates a need of dozens of new recruits also this year. To speed up recruitment, Sofigate has launched the Tietoyhteiskunnan tekijät (Information society shapers) training programme, which benefits IT professionals interested in a new career, public sector customers and Sofigate alike.

“There is a large number of good, experienced people on the market. With production centering in countries of cheap labour, suspension of an increased amount of services and the IT labour market in tumult, there’s no return to the way things were. We want to give IT professionals the chance to take matters in their own hands: to build cutting edge competence on top of their solid expertise in order to promote a productive information society,” explains the programme’s director Sanna Suomela from Sofigate.

Information society shapers strongly motivated

The core content of the practical training programme is made up of ICT planning, development and management as well as the special characteristics of the public sector. As participants have diverse backgrounds, they also receive training in developing critical consulting skills: performance, interaction and networking. In addition, they will be offered a chance to complete CIMP certification (Certified IT Management Professional).

”Mutual satisfaction may result in the training continuing as an employment contract. We encourage participants to investigate whether the culture at Sofigate would feel suitable and what they want from their career. We are ready to recruit when expectations are met during the programme,” says Suomela.
The training programme is designed for IT professionals with a higher education degree and solid work experience. It is vital for candidates to be strongly motivated to become information society shapers and strive to transform their careers.

Applications for the Tietoyhteiskunnan tekijät training programme will be received until 6 September. Please apply as soon as possible, as interviews will begin already before the closing date. Instructions and further information on applying for the programme are available at:

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