In collaboration with ITSMF and G2G3, Sofigate hosted a full day DevOps simulation. More than 15 professionals from different backgrounds had a chance to experience an in-room simulation of DevOps.

This real-world role-based simulation brought to life the actual challenges teams face when working in silos and struggle to deliver value to their customers. Through a cycle of continuous improvement, the participants discovered ways to improve their ability to collaborate, the practices and processes they use and the technology that enables it.

Participants were split into a number of roles (business, product owners, scrum masters, development teams, QA, operations, etc) and simulated three different scenarios while tracking real time data such as time to deploy, number of deployments, duration of incidents, ROI and customer satisfaction.

At the end of the day, participants left the room understanding:

  • How DevOps increases the stability and throughput of the software development lifecycle
  • How to better manage work-in-progress
  • How the right tools and targeted automation can benefit the organisation
  • The importance of thinking as a system and of breaking down silos
  • How to deliver quality and value to the customer


Want to know more how you can get involved in future simulations?

Contact Amal Lad – UK Head of SIAM and ServiceNow Services
+44 (0) 7880 388 422

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