Press release 14/10/2015

Atos, CGI, Cognizant, Elisa Appelsiini, Enfo, Fujitsu, HCL, L&T Infotech, Sonera, Tech Mahindra, Tieto and Wipro have joined Sofigate’s Service Integration and Management ecosystem that enables companies to achieve maximum value from their outsourced IT services provided by multiple suppliers.

The complexity of IT continues to grow in companies as business demands better IT services faster and at a lower cost than before. There is a direct link between the quality of IT services and business efficiency, since more and more business processes are supported by IT services.

At the same time challenges arise: How to seamlessly integrate internal services and external services provided by various suppliers to meet business requirements? Managing multiple partners is time-consuming and ties down companies’ own service managers to solving everyday problems. Some of the potential benefits get eaten away by the challenges.

SIAM, Service Integration and Management is an approach to managing multi-sourced service delivery environments and the demand for it is on the rise. In the Nordic market, however, there has been a lack of realistic SIAM solutions – this will now be addressed by Sofigate and its SIAM ecosystem partners.

Last March Sofigate launched its open source Service Integration and Management model that enables managing service integration efficiently through standardized processes and tools. The model has been developed in cooperation with large Nordic, globally operating companies and organizations, based on their best practices.

Lower IT costs and better end-user experience

To achieve maximum value from multi-supplier ecosystem, cooperation with external IT service providers is important. In order to reach this goal, Sofigate has started to sign cooperation agreements with world’s leading IT services providers as well as the most significant ones on the Nordic market. The contracts guarantee that services and the Service Integration and Management framework are compatible.

The first ones to join the ecosystem were CGI, Enfo, Fujitsu, HCL and Sonera. Since March, also Atos, Cognizant, Elisa Appelsiini, L&T Infotech, Tech Mahindra, Tieto and Wipro have signed their cooperation agreements. The negotiations to include more service providers continue.

”As the most important IT service providers join Sofigate’s SIAM ecosystem, the message to the market is clear: together, we are ready to engage ourselves in IT service excellence. SIAM models are like a common language that makes cooperation easier for everyone. With the help of our SIAM offering, companies save in IT costs and can provide end-users with better services. Their own organization can shift focus to service development to meet the needs of their business,” says Marko Näppäri, Sofigate’s Business Executive.

SIAM, Service Integration and Management briefly:

  • Background: In a multi-supplier environment, each service provider has its own contract as well as its own service level agreement. One service area can be the responsibility of several service providers. Typically IT companies can monitor only their own services.
  • Challenges to companies: How to manage a multi-supplier environment efficiently if all the service providers have their own processes? How to estimate service quality from the end-users’ point of view? How to get the best advantages from the services instead of using a lot of time putting out small fires?
  • Solution: Service Integration and Management refers to models and processes that help to integrate and lead the totality of a company’s IT services that are provided by various partners. It is a framework based on ITIL and it enables companies to take control of a multi-supplier environment efficiently & flexibly.

Service Integration and Management by Sofigate

  • Sofigate has created an open-source SIAM framework that is based on IT managements’ best practices.
  • Sofigate has productized an in-a-box Service Management Office (SMO) as a Service offering that includes SIAM models, experts and tools. Companies get uniform services, the best possible use of their IT service providers, and cost savings as unnecessary service integration work is reduced.
  • SMO as a Service includes ready-made concepts and operation models for service deployment and service production as well as for the deployment of customer’s own SIAM compatible ITSM tool.
  • The service is completed by cooperation agreements with significant IT service providers. These contracts guarantee that services and the framework are compatible.

Marko Näppäri, Business Executive, Sofigate, tel. +358 50 385 4598

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