Salesforce Senior Developer

Who we are

”Dare, Care and Grow” are the values that pave our way at Sofigate. We help organizations to bring business and technology together. We listen, innovate, challenge, and implement technology solutions. We have a unique combination of solid tech expertise and industry knowledge among Sofigators, and a solution architect may well work together with a Healthcare and Life sciences subject matter expert.

Our Customer Experience team is the home of our Salesforce talent and this is where we’re now looking for a new teammate.

Who are we looking for

We are looking for Salesforce Developers who can make the customer expectations and wishes come true. You maintain high quality level in your work and ensure that tasks assigned to you are done well end-to-end: designed to fit the customer architecture, implemented according to the best practices, tested carefully, and documented well. Through this we achieve satisfied customers.

What we are looking for:

  • Passion for writing good code
  • Know the way around with different development tools and practices
  • Be yourself
  • Motivation to learn new skills and to spread knowledge

What we value:

  • Understanding of Salesforce architecture, including
  • Data Model principles
  • Capabilities in configurations and automation tools
  • Platform capabilities and limits
  • Experience in modern web-programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript frameworks, e.g. AngularJS and/or React
  • Knowledge in Salesforce technologies such as Apex, SOQL, Lightning Web Components and/or Aura framework
  • Experience in integrating systems using different APIs, such as REST, SOAP and/or Event Driven architecture

You are an active member of the company community, you ask for more information and share knowledge with others, including customers. You keep your expertise up to date (e.g. platform versions, certifications, company’s concepts and industry best practices).

What it’s like to work in our team?

We trust you. We’re all professionals and trust that you can take responsibility of your own work. And as a growth company, we can provide you with as much responsibility as you’re willing to have. 

We want you to keep up with learning. We support you with various options to do it at your own pace. We want to give each our employee the chance to grow and develop for their own future – not only for our organization. So go for the certs that you’ve been aiming for!

We don’t micromanage but genuinely care for every team member. You’ll have your say on your role and on the projects that you’ll take on. We look in you the ability to challenge how we do things – within our organization and with our customers.

Recruitment process

Being a growth company, we aim to move quickly with our processes and decisions, also respecting your time and effort. This is a permanent and full-time position.

We do ensure that we’ll have enough time for good dialogue and getting to know each other. A small exercise lets you showcase what you know. You’ll meet your team lead as well as your future colleagues during the interviews.

This is how your future teammates describe working here:

“One of the best things about being a developer at Sofigate is that I get to also interact with the customer. I can see their response to my work and resolve issues with them. Being able to build trust with the customer is essential and rewarding”

“I have a full say as a developer on a solution – for example when an architect proposes a solution and I can see another, maybe better, solution.”

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