SOLUTIONS = Concepts + People + Tools

Sofigate’s solutions extend our IT management and development services to include the best tools in the market. We utilise the solutions most suitable to our customers and their targets.

Collaboration and Decision Making

Sofigate’s Roundtable enables you to carry out facilitated brainstorming and decision making meetings without ever physically having the participants in the same place. We help you to organize your collaboration sessions whenever you want to. With online facilitation, your interest groups can drive for consensus and decisions, and Roundtable documents the process and decisions for you.

Enterprise Architecture

In order for Enterprise Architecture to create business value, a visual and easy-to-use EA tool is needed. Arter Architect from IMS Business Solutions is Sofigate’s choice for this purpos­e. It is the leading SaaS based solution in the market. We provide Arter Architect for you readily configured with best practices and metamodels. Our experts help you also with necessary training, coaching and advisory services.

Project and Development Management

We deliver project and development management solutions to support the transformation of your business and operations. With these solutions, you can optimize your development portfolio, steer the development project and ensure you have all the required resources for its execution.  We deliver both Salesforce and ServiceNow based solutions for project and development management.

Enterprise Service Management

To make a company or organisation run efficiently, different types of services are needed. Like ITSM in IT, also many other organisational functions such as customer service management, HR, Finance and Facilities need support for managing, automating and tracking the service processes. We provide service management solutions for private enterprises, public sector and services providers to support enterprise wide service management processes. The solutions are based on advanced market leader platforms of ServiceNow, Salesforce and BMC.

Support Services

We provide support for all the solutions that we deliver.

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