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IT Academy for Business is about managing IT with a business focus. The training programs are suitable for any organization looking to renew its IT management practices to meet the current business and management requirements. We offer both public courses and customer specific training programs. In the training, we utilize the latest IT Standard for Business concepts.

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IT Management Training Program

Our unique training program unites IT professionals from different organizations in different industries. Through challenging case-exercises and simulations you learn to consider all aspects of professionally managed IT operations – with a business focus. Join the forerunners of IT management!

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“I recommend IT Academy training to all mid to senior level IT management professionals. I think it was eye-opening, something you normally might not get to see while working in your own silo. The full overview of IT matters gives a new perspective on a lot of topics. In addition, the great team spirit together with the talented crew made it all flow nicely.”

Customized Training Programs

IT Academy is especially effective in facilitating and driving organizational change. Customized training is designed in close collaboration with the customer to ensure that all objectives are met. The content for the training, the pace, materials, and exercises, as well as coaches are agreed upon together. The training program can be delivered either online, in a class room, or combining both methods depending on the requirements of the company.


“At the IT Academy I found models and solutions that support our IT organization in developing services that truly benefit the business!” -Vice President, IM Services at Cargotec

IT Academy for Business – Join the Forerunners!

IT Academy training relies in the latest concepts of IT Standard for Business framework. Our training methods make learning effective and practical. Hands-on courses and workshops can cover some or all the aspects of a professionally lead IT operations.

A student that undergoes the entire IT Academy training program may participate in the final exam and gain the Certified IT Management Professional title.

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”I received more tools and strength to drive change. While change management became easier also my strategic thinking crystallized.”

Training Opportunities

Service Excellence Foundation 6.4.2017

Service Excellence Foundation is a 1-day training for service managers and service owners who would like to enhance their capabilities in modern IT management. Join the training to gain insights and harness best practice approaches to become an excellent service manager for your services.

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Managing the Digital Agenda, Start 26.9.2017

Digitalization challenges the standard operation of any business. It forces the organization to transform and question everything they have learned before. The role of IT in Digitalization is to facilitate the development and provide solutions for the business. This training program will give a 360° view on digitalization and help to improve the readiness to grasp the digital opportunities.

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