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Join our team of business technology consultants solving tomorrow’s problems, today. We are the leading Business Technology management firm in Northern Europe, bringing performance-driven people together in an inspiring environment where they can thrive and realise their potential. We are ambitious, curious and forward-thinking - always passionate about new knowledge, ideas and cutting-edge technologies that can help our clients succeed in the digitally transformed future. We are now looking for talented students for our graduate programme, with a drive to become successful management consultants.

Basic facts

  • The Graduate Programme starts in September 2020 and spans over one year. Application closes March 8th.
  • The main goal is to combine hands-on project experience with theoretical training sessions and personal development.
  • The programme is designed to develop your skills within project management, data gathering and analysis, facilitation, communication and tools and frameworks.


During the programme you will be working as a consultant on projects, where you will take an active part in delivering business value to our clients together with your experienced Sofigate colleagues. The main goal is to gather experience from projects in different areas and industries to build a broad competency base. Further you will be part of Sofigate’s sales & marketing and support in the development of our business strategy. Have a closer look at the Business Technology Standard to find out more about the disciplines that Sofigate specializes within.


An integral part of the Graduate Programme is to give you the necessary tools and encouragement to grow both professionally and personally. During the programme you will go through a number of courses aimed at building your knowledge in the areas of data analysis, project management, facilitation, communication, tools and frameworks. You will also get a dedicated mentor, who will serve as your confidant throughout the programme.


  • You are a high-performance student with a master’s degree. We are open for various educational backgrounds, such as business and engineering.
  • You are passionate and interested in IT, and IT has been part of your education or professional experience.
  • Your attitude to solve problems is complemented with strong analytical skills, a sense of responsibility and a proactive working style.
  • As a person you are driven, confident and have the personal attributes to work with various stakeholders, including C-level executives.
  • You have a collaborative mindset, inbuilt resilience and proven ability to adapt fast in new and changing environments.
  • You look forward to a professional career in consulting where you will be based in Copenhagen but are flexible to travel and work on projects in other locations in Denmark and in the Nordics.
  • Excellent English skills and preferably Danish.


  • Hands-on experience from real client assignments. You will step into our team on current assignments and will get a concrete understanding of different business sectors.
  • Opportunity to engage in international activities and help develop business strategies.
  • A flat organizational structure, where you can work closely with top management.
  • A structured mentor programme with personal coaching.
  • Freedom to maintain your own professional integrity and interests. We believe in a pragmatic team, where different skills and competencies are pivotal to our success.
  • A strong organizational culture, where we value social activities and building good relationships to our colleagues.


For a recent graduate, swimming in the ocean of the job-hunting market can be intimidating and overwhelming and makes you face with questions like: “How do I want my career path to be? What are my skills and how can I put them to good use? How can I make my inspirations and ambitions match the reality?”. When I saw that Sofigate was hiring new graduates I was elated: finally, an opportunity to kick-start my career in a company that invests in new professionals, giving them the chance to learn both from high level trainings and very welcoming colleagues. We rotate around the Nordic company offices, exposed to different lines of business and different working styles. Sofigate takes great pride in focusing on a very specific and elite market of digital transformation enabled by business technology, and I am so eager to learn from and contribute to the life of this company in the following year.”

– Denise 

After graduating with an engineering degree, I was looking for a place to go beyond purely technical solutions and found that in Sofigate. At Sofigate, we combine expertise in IT with business insight to generate value for clients and the graduate program teaches both hard and soft skills that are necessary in the consulting business. From the perspective of company culture, I was immediately attracted by the flat hierarchy and open and supportive work environment. It gives us graduates the opportunity to work closely with senior consultants at Sofigate and with clients. I am very much looking forward to developing myself both professionally and personally and I expect there to be a steep learning curve.

– Kimberly

“Since the beginning of my education, I have been passionate about finding solutions to complex problems and using various types of data to uncover new insights. At the same time, I think the future of business is inextricably linked to IT, and IT management will only become a more critical part of business strategy going forward. As a result, for me Sofigate offered the perfect fusion between traditional management consulting and business technology, and represents a modern, forward-thinking company. Furthermore, Sofigate has given me the chance to start my career in a place where I can continue my professional development in a dynamic environment, and where I get the opportunity to learn while working alongside many experienced colleagues from different backgrounds.”

– Shawna 


The application period for Sofigate Denmark Graduate Programme 2020 closes March 8th. In your application please include the following: CV listing your experiences and competencies, cover letter showing your motivation and ambitions, Bachelor and Master degree certificates showing your academic results. This year's Graduate Programme will start in September 2020.


If you have any questions about the Graduate Programme, please send an email to: or contact Kimberly Engelking: +45 28 94 84 75

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