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ITIL 4 with LEO Pharma

The 29th of April, Michael Imhoff Nielsen & Jason Walsh presented key insights from the new ITIL 4 framework, including how the new elements such as value streams and value chains fits together with the world of Agile, LEAN and DevOps. There were 50+ IT professionals participating in the presentation contributing to many good discussions. The sponsor of the event, Richard Kibrya who works as a Service Delivery Manager at LEO Pharma says:


“Big thanks to Michael Imhoff Nielsen and Jason Walsh from Sofigate for a very interesting presentation to 50+ engaged IT professionals at LEO Pharma today on the topic of the new ITIL 4 service management framework and how it can add value to the business. Lots of good discussions and plenty to digest and reflect on how the Service Value System complements other methods and mindsets such as LEAN, Agile and DevOps and next steps considering how to bring ITIL 4 approaches into an organization”.


Are you also curious to know how the new ITIL 4 brings opportunities to bridge thinking’s from the Agile world? Wondering how to get started in practice to implement some of the new value adding elements from ITIL 4? We encourage you to reach out to either Michael Imhoff Nielsen or Jason Walsh to know more.