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Sofigate Denmark launches newsletter

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Starting November 15th Sofigate will launch a monthly newsletter. Combining powerful insights from the world of Business Technology with a deep-dive into our activities in the Danish market, the newsletter makes it easier than ever to stay current on relevant market trends and topics – all in one convenient monthly email.

Why should you sign up?

The ongoing business revolution forces all organisations to constantly look for ways to apply or leverage technology with the goal of improving user experience and customer value. When you consider how technology is currently managed and leveraged in your organisation, do you think you could benefit from a more integrated and innovative approach? Ask yourself, am I – or my organisation – applying technology in the most effective way possible, to deliver customer value? Therefore, let our newsletter act as a source of inspiration and insight into the world of Business Technology and how we from Sofigate work with cutting-edge management and technologies, on a daily basis.

We are very excited to share our insights and experiences with you. If you wish to receive our monthly newsletter please do not hesitate to click the sign-up button.

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