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Sofigate expands Solution Center support for ServiceNow Customers to also include offices in Copenhagen and Malmö

In 2022, Sofigate Denmark and Southern Sweden launched their Application Management Support (AMS) Solution Center for ServiceNow and is now expanding to provide more support to our ServiceNow customers.

In 2022, Sofigate Denmark and Southern Sweden launched their Application Management Services (AMS) Solution Center for ServiceNow for customers to support with 1st, 2nd and 3rd level ServiceNow AMS support.

“I am incredibly proud of our AMS team and the support they provide for our ServiceNow Customers, and happy to see us now growing the team with more ServiceNow talents to support our customers” Michael Koch, Country Manager states and continues: “We are seeing an increasing need in the market from ServiceNow customers who need support with solving their ServiceNow technical incidents and ensuring the problem solutions are documented for future reference. With our AMS team we are not alone supporting our Customers during their Platform Hypercare period, but also able to support during the incident peak seasons and leverage our 200+ ServiceNow Experts across the group to support with platform development, technical architecture, and application incidents”.

Today, the team is supporting Nordic based companies who operate with market presence in either the Nordics, Regionally or Globally, whom we look forward to continue supporting now and in the future.

We are now expanding our AMS team in Copenhagen and Malmö, welcoming new ServiceNow talents to the team, ensuring we continue to meet the market demand and maintain the high-quality support to our customers.

“I am thrilled that we are expanding our Solution Center and are able to provide even more support locally to our clients” says Helene Claesson, Head of Platforms in Sofigate Denmark and Southern Sweden, and continues; “With the backing of our experts from across the group, we have a very strong team in place to support our customers”.

Sofigate is The Business Technology company with over 700 employees in Denmark, Finland, Hungary, and Sweden. We are an Elite ServiceNow Partner and have 200+ ServiceNow experts in-house advising companies on how to design their ServiceNow platform – focusing on customer value and experience – and also support companies with the implementation and hyper care.

For more information, please reach out to:

Helene Claesson
Head of Platform Services
+467 05 08 07 87

David Oppen Strand
Customer Executive
+45 28 78 37 64