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Pepper brings the innovativeness of the ServiceNow platform to life

By integrating the humanoid robot with ServiceNow I wanted to create buzz around our flagship solution and show the future possibilities of the platform. Pepper provides services relying on a ServiceNow Service Portal and ServiceNow back-end integration – and puts a smile on everyone’s face while doing so.

Pepper can understand human language, clarify details in a conversation and then create and even possibly fulfill requests using the ServiceNow platform. The happy little robot illustrates well all the possibilities and different features ServiceNow can offer businesses.

ServiceNow is the market leader, and personally I have over ten years of experience with it. Based on my experience I think many existing customers could take their automation to the next level by utilizing machine learning, intelligent analytics and continuous improvement management features.

Predictive intelligence saves time and costs

Predictive Intelligence, which is a set of machine-learning capabilities built into the ServiceNow platform to boost efficiency and service quality. It can recommend content to agents as well as make connections between any record types, such as incidents and cases, and even categorize, assign and prioritize those records, saving time for users and cost for companies.

Virtual Agent provides easy-to-use tool for problem solving

Virtual Agent, an intelligent conversational tool, helps users to resolve common issues quickly without any help from a real human agent, just like Pepper. However, in this case the agents do not have a real physical manifestation.


Performance Analytics helps businesses aim higher

Performance Analytics helps organizations set and reach their goals easier by analysing and reporting business performance with over 600 out-of-the-box KPIs for measuring processes. It includes responsive and interactive dashboards, drill downs and powerful analytics that deliver insight into how to improve quality.

Continual Improvement is another feature which drives productivity and efficiency by automatically initiating and tracking service improvements, bringing together people, processes and data in one place to achieve service excellence.

Sofigate spurs businesses on in their digital transformation journey

I strongly believe customers can greatly benefit from the workflow automation innovations ServiceNow offers and recommend all our existing as well as new customers explore those possibilities further.

As a ServiceNow elite tier partner we have excellent resources to help our customers take the next big leap in their digitalization journey. Our Nordic regional team is the largest, and extremely skilled and experienced. With our help, we believe private and public sector organizations will achieve the best business and IT outcomes by automating their services and processes, leveraging ServiceNow and other innovative technologies.