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How does your current IT Operating Model impact the customers of your company? If you hesitate in answering that question, you may want to consider making IT a part of the grand scheme for how value is delivered to your business. We believe that defined Way of Working and a Business Technology framework is beneficial for any organization.


An operating model with a common language

How important is IT in creating value for your business? Probably so important that you should stop talking about IT. We are changing the framework. We combine what traditionally was considered business on one side and IT on the other. We now talk Business Technology: a digital frontend, towards your customers, partners, and employees; and a technology backbone, the server stacks, software solutions, and supplier eco-system on which your business is running.

That provides opportunities you do not wish to miss out on.

The operating model will provide you a structure and framework that gives clarity and a common language – the more precisely you can align your Way of Working, i.e. the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved, the more accurate – and fast, and agile – you will be in your daily running and execution of business and projects. Thus, there is no reason for not having both an operating model and a well defined Way of Working – not if you ask us.

Fine tuning the operating model

And so is the case for one of our current clients, a large consumer brand; a desire to adjust their Operating Model and possibly expand it to defined Way of Working, but some uncertainty on how best to go about it.

We are helping them through the initial stage. Engaging them in interviews and workshops, we identify the gaps they have, when benchmarked against the Business Technology framework and our experience from multiple Business Technology Operating Model and Way of Working implementations.

The first outcome will be a review focused on their current roles, governance and processes – a guide if you will – outlining to our client how to get from their present state to their desired one. It is in the form of a handbook they can use as a stepping stone from their current Operating Model towards one that will further integrate IT and business, creating business value and customer delight.

Updated Business Technology framework in the pipeline

Sofigate will be releasing an updated version of our Business Technology framework, in the beginning of 2019. The open source framework is currently being fine-tuned in close collaboration with a range of our customers, including the above-mentioned consumer brand. If you are interested to know more about our Business Technology framework, feel free to contact us or go to