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Sofigate has signed a major contract with Swedish Systembolaget

Press release 30/1/17

Swedish alcohol monopoly Systembolaget has chosen Sofigate as their partner for automatisation and digitalisation of Systembolaget’s services. Sofigate will take on an important part of Systembolaget’s IT service management and develop digital solutions for the company’s human resources, financial administration and facility management.

Sofigate has signed a significant contract with Swedish Systembolaget. Sofigate will help Systembolaget boost their business with the help of service automation and digitalisation. The agreement will strengthen Sofigate’s position in Sweden.

Jessica Borgudd, Business Executive of Nordic Sales at Sofigate, said: “Cooperating with Systembolaget is an important milestone for Sofigate. We’ll have the opportunity to show a prominent customer in the Swedish market our core competence which includes strong expertise in IT management, IT service management and process development.”

Sofigate’s IT service management will speed up processes and services in HR, financial administration and facility management, amongst others. When the employees have more routine-free time in their hands, they will be able to concentrate more on development tasks that benefit the entire business.

Borgudd said: “Systembolaget appreciates the experience we have gathered from similar projects with our customers from different industries. Now that we have merged with the Swedish Daymark, we’ll be able to offer Systembolaget even stronger local IT service management expertise.”

Last Autumn Sofigate acquired Daymark AB so it could respond to the growing demand in the Swedish market. Both the Daymark acquisition and the new Systembolaget agreement accelerate Sofigate’s plans to expand in Sweden. Sofigate is pursuing strong growth and becoming the largest IT management service provider in the Nordics. Sofigate aims to have a 100 million-euro turnover and to employ 750 people by 2020.


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