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Sofigate Sweden headed towards all-time growth record in 2021

Sofigate Sweden built good and positive growth momentum during the second half of last year, despite of the COVID-19 pandemic. Business development has continued in 2021, reflecting the steady demand of business technology transformation services in the Swedish market. 

Sofigate Group continues on a path of growth. We have helped many of the biggest Nordic companies deliver business value in technology transformation initiatives. In the past year, Sofigate Sweden has taken a noticeable, positive leap forward. This is largely thanks to an increased market demand for reusing best-in-class structures and knowledge the emphasis on Nordic level cooperation within the group, which have supported the Swedish organisation. is largely thanks to an increased market demand for reusing best-in-class structures and knowledge, which have supported the Swedish organisation.

Our expert teams continue to help customers leverage digitalisation and workflow automation in innovative ways. This work has received recognition, as ServiceNow awarded Sofigate the Elite partner of the Year in EMEA and Partner of the Year-title in Sweden.

Björn Olofsson has been at the helm of Sofigate Sweden for the past three years. Now Olofsson will continue his journey within business technology at Ericsson, and Michael Thunberg will take over the role as interim Managing Director. 

“We expect to hit an all-time high in growth this year in Sofigate Sweden. Our customers invest in the development of their business technology operating models and workflow automation, both of which we have strong experience and expertise on after many years of co-creation together with our customers. The demand for utilising and implementing best practices and technologies is very strong.” says Thunberg.

Sofigate Group finished the second phase of its growth strategy and reached 100M Euros in revenue in 2020. Now we embark on the third phase of the journey. Our next goal is to become a 500M Euro company. At the same time, we will continue to focus on helping our customers take the lead in their transformation journeys. We will help them do this by utilising best practices from the Business Technology Standard, used by over 200 leading enterprises in the Nordics. Furthermore, we will continue to strengthen and build our local partnership with ServiceNow for the best possible customer and employee experience.