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Business Technology Standard

The best way to manage digital transformation

A management framework for business technology

The Business Technology Standard is an open-source, license-free technology management model. It is essential to any company wanting to maximise the potential brought by digitalisation.

What is the Business Technology Standard?

The Business Technology (BT) Standard is an industry best practice and open-source management framework. It helps you to plan, build and run information technology in today’s technology-driven business world.

The BT Standard is ideal for any organisation starting or going through a digital transformation and is used by tens of thousands of people in hundreds of companies across the world.

The BT Standard is free to use and available to anyone. Learn to apply the Business Technology Standard at:

Why is the Business Technology Standard useful?

How the BT Standard creates value for your business:

The BT Standard provides a unified management model covering different technology management areas. It connects specific management models such as Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and DevOps for digital development and ITIL and IT4IT for service management in new and innovative ways.

Who owns the Business Technology Standard?

The Business Technology Standard is open-source and free to use by anyone.

Initiated by Sofigate, the Business Technology Standard has been developed in collaboration with Nordic large-scale enterprises and public organisations. The development is coordinated by the Business Technology Forum.

What is the Business Technology Forum?

The Business Technology Forum is a not-for-profit company and part of Sofigate Group. It is also a community of forerunner companies and public organisations collaborating according to a platform economy model.

The Business Technology Forum promotes the Business Technology Standard and helps organisations make use of it. Our goal is to make the BT Standard the most widely-adopted and practical framework for managing digital transformation in both the public and private sectors.

The BT Forum coordinates the development work within the community and publishes the results via BT Standard updates. In addition, the BT Forum organises events and conferences, publishes educational materials, and offers training courses to advance professional business technology management.