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Competence development with

Sofigate Academy

Your training partner in transformation

Transformation leaders aren’t just born. They are also made.

Our Academy and the team of coaches are there to support you every step of the uncertain transformation journey. Nothing is scarier than being asked to transform if you don’t have the necessary skills. Training both teams and individuals allows your people to become the subjects of transformation, being willing and able to lead the change.

In Sofigate Academy you benefit from the best practices for leading and managing technology. We bring people together, working towards common goals using industry standards, the top subject matter experts, and skillful facilitators. 

Over 10 years of experience

Courses run: 265+
Companies used our services: 290+
Unique students: 3,800+

Sofigate Academy in a nutshell

The Academy was founded in Finland in 2010 under the name of IT Academy for Business, and later the Business Technology Academy, as a part of the Sofigate Group.

Today, Sofigate Academy operates in the Nordics with training programmes that can be off-the-shelf or tailor-made. They can be delivered either as a classroom, online or as self-study sessions. We provide concrete models, tools, and practices that can be quickly and effectively taken into use in any organisation.

Our mission is to upskill organisations and people to meet the demands of the current and future Business Technology needs.

Training programmes to benefit you and your organisation 

Our learning architects create together with you inspirational, tailored programmes with long lasting effects on your organisation – or you can take part in our regularly scheduled open training programmes to further your career. Own your future! 

Sofigate Academy’s unique training programmes are designed to:  

  1. provide concrete models, tools, and practices  
  2. be quickly and effectively adopted in any organisation 
  3. use training methods that make learning effective, practical, and fun!  

When you partner with Sofigate Academy:

You nurture your organisations’s capabilites

Your people and challenges are the driver of our programmes. Participants are empowered and in the active role for the journey.

You break barriers through broader communication

Our training programmes put business, IT, and even vendor participants and trainers in the same room together to broaden everyone’s perspective.

You move from theory to practice

Case studies, simulations and role-play help to put the learnings in a real-life context.

You see things from new perspectives and broaden your understanding

Experienced trainers, facilitators, and visitors from various companies ensure a holistic and authentic viewpoint around the selected topics.

You create new insights through multi-disciplinary topics

Sofigate Academy training programmes bring it all together. Technological skills and practice. Self-leadership and organisational change management. Communication and networking.

You experience how time flies when having fun! – enjoyable and uplifting days

Solving real-life challenges in teams, having vibrant discussions, challenging others, and being challenged make the intensive training days fly by.

You share lasting relationships and a vast network of other professionals

Intensive training days and exercises encouraging you to leave your comfort zone together fortify the relationship between you and your fellow-participants. These forged relationships remain your best source for support, even after the training programme.

A priceless network

Keep track of your fellow alumni, remember the good times spent together, educate yourself through the latest insights in Business Technology and keep up with upcoming events.

Business is technology, and technology is about the people.

Sustainable transformation is a learning journey. People need the skills to manage and lead business technology for the business to truly transform. We will help you to get there.

Create a learning culture to support your transformation, so it is not just words but becomes reality. Build a strong foundation for the new way of working together. We empower your organisation to take an active role in the change, so you can lead your own journey – own your future.

Anything in mind?

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