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Meet our customers

Your success is our success.

Our business is all about creating sustainable value to customers so they can own their future. We do it by bringing together the best people in the business, world-leading software platforms and leadership to deliver results fast.  

The basis of our customer work

We co-create. We strive to find the real challenge behind technical issues and help them to re-design and transform their business. We share best practices and proven concepts for combining leadership and managing technology – for free. 

We offer freedom. We help our customers to build and develop their own competences so they can take ownership of their future. We free our customers from technological bottlenecks.  

We are transparent. We build long-term relationships of mutual trust and sustainable business value. 

Customer success stories 

We work with customers of various shapes and sizes, from mid-sized growth companies to large global enterprises. The common denominator is that they want to harness technology to create value for business.

73 %

of our work consists of creating value for global enterprises and large public sector organisations.


of our customers appreciate our way of customer care.


of our work is with public sector customers.

Here’s a few examples of our work – if you want to know more about how we’ve created value with our customer, please reach out (click here)!

Soficab – a ride with Sofigate

Remember Carpool Karaoke? For our 20th anniversary, we did a round of carpool rides with our customers – but without the singing. Unfortunately.