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You have 400 colleagues ready to help you. Sofigate’s professionals come from multiple industries and very different backgrounds, from translator and marine biologist to IT controller. You’re bound to have interesting and educating discussions.

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In the Front Line of IT Management

We work with 50 of the TOP100 companies in Finland from all industries, as well as with the public sector. We are proud to be a trusted partner, which requires unwavering professionalism from us.

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Hungry & Humble

Our customers’ success equals our success. We are hungry and strive for best possible quality and work hard to reach targets. Yet we are humble to constantly develop ourselves and our ways of working.

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Employer of the Future

We are a member of the “Employer of the Future” (Tulevaisuuden Työpaikat) forum because we want to be a part of building even better working life. This is achieved with accountable and goal-oriented growth. Read more at

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Come work with us!

Our key asset is our employees. We employ 400 IT leadership or management professionals with experience ranging from a few years to tens of years, ready to share experience and knowledge with an open attitude.

We are constantly looking for more future employees with genuine expertise and a right amount of passion to learn and develop themselves and the entire working environment. We are looking to hire 60 new IT management professionals also this year.

You can be located in Helsinki metropolitan area, Tampere greater area or Stockholm.

Below you can see some examples of profiles and roles we are currently looking for. You can apply to one of them or send us an open application.

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What we offer

  • Interesting and versatile assignments
  • Innovative and international working atmosphere
  • Chance to develop yourself as an IT professional
  • Top professionals as your colleagues
  • Encouraging salary model set according to your experience
  • Participation in Sofigate development program such as IT Academy

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Markus Frilund

With a background in Agile Project Delivery I came to Sofigate 6 years ago to build a leaner IT governance model. The resulting concepts include vital capabilities for digitalisation. Sofigate has earned a role at the core of our customer’s business, and that is where I get my thrills from – putting ideas into practice and solving real problems.

Janne Oksanen

I joined Sofigate in summer 2014 from process industry. I’m a chemist by education and I had not worked with IT services or tools before joining Sofigate. However, via Sofigate’s ICT Academy I quickly learned the key areas in IT management and understood the significance of ITSM tools for business. I now work with Salesforce SaaS tools such as RemedyForce (ITSM) and Cloud Coach (PPM).

Juha Rosenberg

I joined Sofigate with a background in IT service management, but I was unsure as to where my focus should be next. Sofigate offered many interesting possibilities and I now work with ServiceNow development. It has been a love story from the start, as I find myself learning something new every day. On top of that, my colleagues are professional, motivated and proud of what they do. What’s not to like?

Karoliina Liimatainen

I became interested in service design during my studies at Aalto University. To me, service design is a collaborative effort where user needs, business goals and technological opportunities meet. At Sofigate, I use service design methods systematically to integrate these perspectives. In my work, I draw inspiration from my multidisciplinary background. It helps me combine analytical thinking and creative problem-solving to design great services.

Timo Savolainen

I’ve been a project manager in many very different projects from developing IT management to building new business for the customer. I’ve learned a lot from digital strategies, facilitation methods and tools and agile development and can call myself a professional now. We have excellent spirit of making things happen at Sofigate and a really inspiring working culture. I really enjoy each day when I can truly help the customer and share and develop my skills!

Pavel Haimi

Before joining Sofigate I had 7 years experience in managing IT services and projects. I joined Sofigate to grow to be a world class professional in IT leadership, management and development. I have done that work now for 5 years along with sourcing projects. Sofigate’s pioneership in Service Management and Integration (SIAM) has offered me a unique opportunity to develop our Service Management concept while working as one of the leading expert in SIAM key projects in Finland and Northern Europe.

Kari Poutiainen

During my six years at Sofigate I have learned more about IT management than during my whole working life before this. At the same time it has been interesting to notice that everything I have learned during my previous jobs, builds a valuable foundation for my current work. Strong technology expertise, project management, vendor management, requirement specifications and so fort – that’s what the daily IT management is all about. It is great to be able to utilize things I’ve learned over the years and to be able to learn something new every day!

Katariina Kalatie

“Customer first” is one of Sofigate’s cultural cornerstones along with “Entrepreneurship” and “Fairness”. At Sofigate I have the freedom and support to act on these values that carry a strong meaning to me personally. I have a business background, spiced up with service design skills and interest in new technologies. Projects that I lead at Sofigate allow me to make good use of all the expertise that I’ve gathered over the years – and still constantly learn new things. It’s a pretty unique place to be.

Open Positions

DENMARK: Management Consultants with Outsourcing Experience

Sofigate Denmark is looking for highly experienced management professionals who will play an important part in strengthening our capabilities within IT Sourcing. Building on the team’s insights and your own expertise, you will create exceptional client value in consulting engagements.

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DENMARK: Management Consultants with Business Processes Experience

Sofigate Denmark is looking for highly experienced management professionals who will play an important part in strengthening our capabilities within Business Processes. Your role involves improving corporate performance by defining and optimizing our customer’s business processes.

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DENMARK: Management Consultant with Captive Experience

We are looking for highly experienced management professionals with captive experience who can talk to the business on C-level and who love to work between the business and information technology. We are looking for you who have a combined management consulting and leadership mindset.

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FINLAND: Customer Developer

We are now looking for Customer Developer to find the right new customers via your extensive network. You have experience in e.g. project management, service management or IT management. You can convince the customer with your own work within this region(s). You have excellent interaction and influencing skills and you communicate fluently with top management.

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SWEDEN: Chief Financial Officer

We are now looking for a Chief Financial Officer, Sweden for a new position in our office in Stockholm. You will dedicate your time mainly to lead and develop the Finance function for Sweden, Denmark and UK. You have previous experience in the IT or service industry and an entrepreneurial spirit. Your working style is determined and independent. We also highly value the skill of invention and putting the best ideas in practice.

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Drive for Digital Future @ DigitalOffice

Sofigate’s new Digital Office concept brings together the best people, practices and tools for creating digital solutions. We are now looking for talents for the key roles in the team: facilitators, solution designers, service designers and UX designers. Do you see yourself as part of this team – building the most advanced digital services with the best people in the field?

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FINLAND: IT Management Professional (Oulu & Tampere & Helsinki)

We are looking for CIO or IT Manager level professionals. Leading the IT organization is a part of your work. You are a seasoned professional in some area of IT management (e.g. sourcing, vendor management, strategy and governance) and/or project management and you can convince the customer with your work.

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FINLAND: Project Managers (Helsinki & Tampere)

You have a proven track record as a project manager from large-scale multionational implementation projects. It’s important to you to meet set targets, finish projects in schedule and take responsibility for the success of the project. Your viewpoint is strong in both business process and system points of view. We expect excellent interaction skills and fluent communication both with IT and business.

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FINLAND: IT Infra Service Manager

You have a wide understanding in IT infra services as part of the company’s service management. Your vendor management skills are very strong, as you are the link between customers’ IT and vendors. You also have experience and know-how in managing and developing IT infra services and processes.

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FINLAND: IT Service Manager

You as a Service Manager or Senior Manager help our customers in developing or running their IT Service Management. You may for example lead development programs or work in Service Management Office. You have wide understanding of Service Management in corporate IT environment.

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SWEDEN: IT Service Management Professional

We are now looking for manager level IT service management professionals. You help our customers in their service management needs working in different roles. You can for example develop service management processes, lead development programs of customer’s operating model and capabilities, create service catalogue or CMDB, lead service transition projects.

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SWEDEN: Advisors and Junior Advisors

Our business is to develop, design and operate IT management. On a daily basis we help clients to improve digital capabilities, transform IT, build Service Management and Project Management offices and bridge the gap between IT and business. Whatever we do, we’re looking to truly make a difference at the client and bring results!

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FINLAND: Information Security Advisor

Your passion is to develop and enable secure business operations through information security work. You see a company and an organization as an entity and can model information security components on a high level. You can analyse, define and assess information and data security risks and communicate them throughout the organization.

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FINLAND: Solution Consultant

In your work you will be involved in business process design, development and implementations as well as tool deployments and maintenance projects. You will work as part of a team ensuring that the customer-specific solutions and integrations are implemented professionally, and that our clients get the best possible service and return of investment. You can be either experienced consultant or at the beginning on your professional career.

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FINLAND: IT Service Process Expert

We are hiring experts for several different roles in our rapidly growing Service Management services. You will work in customer assignments as part of the Sofigate team. Your background can be for example change manager, problem manager or service manager. You have strong experience and know-how in managing and developing IT processes.

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FINLAND: Advisors

We are looking for Senior Advisors and Consultants for all of our service areas: IT Management, Strategy & Governance, Sourcing & Supplier Management, Project & Development Management and Service Management. We work in our customers’ IT organisation in roles that are typical for each service area, for example CIO/IT Manager, Program Manager or Head of Service Management Office.

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FINLAND: IT Infrastructure Manager

We are now looking for a senior IT Infrastructure Service Management professionals. You see IT and infra as an integral enabler of business, You don’t need to possess the technical skills (e.g. configuration) but have the overall understanding.

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FINLAND: Enterprise Architect

We are looking for professionals to join our Enterprise Architecture (EA) team. Your passion is to develop business operations through EA work. You have proven track record in EA design and strong implementation experience. You embody strong business acumen and business development skills. You work in agile way, want to get results fast and are a team player.

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FINLAND: ITSM Support Specialist

ITSM Support Specialist will be responsible for managing and resolving the issues raised by our customers, related to their ServiceNow platform. You will be able to quickly gain an understanding of the ServiceNow platform and customer specific processes. This is a customer-facing role and therefore it requires strong inter-personal skills in addition to strong technical skills.

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FINLAND: Service Designer for DigitalOffice

You are a professional Service Designer. In practice, this means you are strongly development oriented service manager or project manager. You have strong experience and proven track record working as a project manager in implementation projects or as service manager. You strive for development but do not fear routines either.

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FINLAND: Facilitating Project Manager for DigitalOffice

You are a professional Facilitator. You have strong experience and proven track record working as a facilitating project manager in multinational implementation projects. In addition to typical project management tasks, you will be facilitating Digital Office processes such as idea gathering, hackathon and concept creation in your daily work.

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FINLAND: Solution Designer for DigitalOffice

You are a professional Solution Designer. You have strong experience and proven track record working in designing cloud-based, hybrid solutions and/or solution architecture. Your social skills are strong and you are not afraid of technology or sales situations.

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FINLAND: User Experience Designer for DigitalOffice

You are a professional User Experience Designer. You have strong background and experience in service design and usability. You will be our mastermind in defining user experience, simplifying complex entities, verifying user cases and finding even better solutions for our customers.

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FINLAND: Integration Specialist

Our Platform Services team is currently looking for an additional Integration Specialist to join the team to plan and implement customer-specific solutions and integrations. In our projects, you will need experience in integration technologies (XML, FTP, JSON, ODBC, LDAP, SNMP), integration architecture, EAI and Web Services (SOAP, REST).

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