A historic cultural organisation has prepared a new strategy to face the challenges of a new decade. But how to implement the strategy efficiently into daily practical work?

Sofigate’s Business Technology Design methods, the use of competence design, and experience in constructing an enterprise architecture help prioritise those business competences that most require developing so that the strategy comes to life and succeeds.

An informative capabilities map and strategy projection help the executive management team to focus on the right elements in the business transformation. This clarity helps the organisation proritise and focus on the essential in the everyday to achieve the goals set in their strategy.

The Finnish National Opera and Ballet had prepared for the beginning of the 2020s by creating an ambitious new strategy. But how were they going to ensure that they were doing the right things in the right order to achieve the strategy’s goals? For this passionate cultural organisation, the answer lay in Sofigate’s entreprise architecture vision and the inclusive methods of Business Technology Design.

”We are a truly unique organisation: a combination of factory-like efficient production and high-class artistic activity.”

This is how Petra Tarkainen, Leading Information Systems Specialist at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, describes her place of work. And it is true: the 550 permanent and the 1 000 annually visiting workers of this cultural factory share a common goal to produce performances that both attract a paying audience and honour the artistic legacy of this 109-year old national institution.

The National Opera and Ballet had been preparing for the 2020s by designing a brand new strategy. Its aim is to answer the demands of certain mega trends in their operational environment, such as the changing age structure of the Finnish population and the possibilities made available by digital technology.

”We constructed our new strategy very carefully, so we also wanted to implement it with equal care. When talking about implementing a strategy, it is very easy to start planning individual points of action. But instead, you should keep a broader point of view and consider the business capabilities of the organisation. By these I mean the operational elements you should be developing to achieve the goals set out in the strategy,” says Tarkiainen.

To ensure that the National Opera and Ballet was prioritising the right steps regarding their new strategy, the organisation decided to turn to an external partner.

”What we needed was an enterprise architecture model that would permeate the entire organisation. Building such a model requires a neutral approach across organisational boundaries, and experience in facilitating change.”

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