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Improve the competitiveness of your business in the future.

A strong IT strategy helps you create business value

An IT strategy with quick time-to-value

With the digital transformation in full swing, your company is facing a change. It can be a change of business model, operating environment or implementing a new technology like AI.

Maybe you already have a vision of how you would like to run your IT but you need support from an impartial expert. Or perhaps you are still uncertain about the role of digital technology in your business strategy in general.

In all of these changes, technology is key.

Whatever tools or services your organization needs, we are happy to assist you with structuring, planning and implementing the right ones. As part of our full service digitalisation offering, we help you create an IT strategy with quick time-to-value that also supports the success of your business in the long term.

IT strategy helps you to focus on the things that matter the most for the business – both in short and long term.

Why does your organization need an IT strategy?

The purpose of an IT strategy is to improve the competitiveness of your business in the future. IT strategy gives the guidelines to your IT management and and helps you to focus on the matters that make the biggest impact and enable business value creation.

Here’s why you should consider implementing or updating your IT strategy:

  • You will address IT development to the real business challenges to deliver maximal business value
  • You will be able to understand what your IT operating costs consist of and compare costs.
  • You will understand how to allocate and prioritise investments and development efforts.
  • You are able to perform risk analyses: you will understand whether, for example, in the next six months there might be a technology problem that needs to be solved.

10 elements of our approach to IT strategy

We ensure that your IT strategy creates business value and is aligned with business goals. That’s why we actually call it business technology strategy, and not IT strategy.

When partnering with you on your digital transformation, we focus strongly on the application of our recommendations in practice – not just analysis. We will help you find simple ways to use low-code and no-code platforms, and when needed, we gladly go the extra mile for you, to help with implementing the strategy as well.

Here’s the elements we cover in IT Strategy:


Which kind of business we should enable with technology?

Level of ambition

What is the purpose / meaning of IT organization

Strategic scenarios

How do we react quickly in major business changes?

Strategic alignment

What are our key guiding principles?

Ecosystem model

Which partners guarantee our success?

Solutions & technologies

What are our key technologies?

Data assets

What is our most valuable data?


Which are the
main roles & responsibilities?

Operating model

What is our way of working?

Development roadmap

What do need to in practice?

Why should you partner with Sofigate

Our mission is to help you succeed with the help of business technology. We have the right people, platform technology, and processes. To top that off we also have 20 years of experience helping customers create IT strategies.

With Sofigate, you can achieve fast time-to-value, as our delivery model is strongly concept-based. We help you to design your own digital future, execute the plans, and manage what has been implemented.

You will join a partner ecosystem: key business solutions such as ERP, CRM and Basic IT as a service are available for you, but you also play an active role in redesigning the digital core of your business.

Our experienced professionals help you lead your IT and design the digital future of your business. Our management consultants and technology teams have guided several organisations to the top of their industries – we know how it’s done.

Mid-sized enterprises usually struggle with fierce competition for IT talents, limited resources, legacy technology, and changes in their operating environment that are disrupting the market. For them, we are a one-stop shop for technology leadership. We offer a range of technologies and services that will secure the success of your digital transformation journey, from design to continuous service operations.

We can help you build sustainable competitive advantage. Ensure your people have the right skills, tools and mindset for the next transformation.

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