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Will your business survive the future?

Futurists are saying that ‘If disruption doesn’t concern your business, you no longer have a business’. Current ways of design are not sufficient to support rapid changes and growing business demands. We need to design business and technology hand in hand and move from functional specifications to the culture of continual business process, operations and technology design with the key stakeholders. This modern design culture we call Business Technology Design (or in short BT Design).

What is your entry point to design culture?

Should you struggle choosing a direction or creating a compelling vision for the future, we bring clarity and common understanding with foresight. We provide insights and build scenarios together with your management team. Let us WoW you with eye opening results and be ready to make bold moves.

 If you already have a vision, but your strategy could be more concrete and calls for action, we help you identify what business capabilities are needed for strategy execution, what does it take to execute them and finally what is the quickest road to create value. Faster results, we promise!

 Should your vision and strategy be well underway, and execution is in progress, we can help you with planning and orchestrating business sprints and building a culture for continuous design.  This way you can be sure to realize business value in every sprint. 

You can also enter the design culture with some of the following issues:

  • Designing business
  • Leading with data
  • Optimising processes
  • Leveraging platforms and ecosystems
  • Sneak peak to the future
  • Faster and better decision making 
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Evaluate strategic options and what it takes to implement them.


Define and lead business value creation through technology implementation.


Achieve quick results by running business sprints.


While design culture is a booster for focus and speed with anything you are doing with technology, we have selected a handful of closely related business areas where we have seen spectacular results utilizing modern design methodologies.

Have a look at our customer cases listed above or please contact us for further discussions.

Business Technology Standard Capability Model


Business Technology Design is the business DEMAND view to the Business Technology  Standard, you will find what we do in the vertical axis in the BT Standard capability model grid.  Namely we help customers with strategic planning, enterprise architecture, service planning, ecosystem development, innovations and concepts, development portfolio, data analytics and integration and service portfolio. In addition to these we help customers identify and lead business value and its realization.

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INSIGHT: Enhancing your data analytics capabilities

Many companies today are aiming to build their capabilities in Data Management and Data Analytics.

This can be seen for example in the listings of the most sought-after recruits in the IT business, where Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Data Engineers rank high in the list year after year. But all these capabilities rely on having correct, quality data to function.

Although the amount of data is rarely a problem, there are good reasons why companies can benefit from adding third-party data sources to their own data repositories.

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