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Management Services

Learn how Sofigate's management services have helped companies renew their business, develop their competence and bring IT and business closer together.


240 different development projects on the go? How to prioritise and pick only those that truly support the company’s strategy? By utilising Business Technology Standard, which is a tried and tested model for organising development work and breaking down silos between IT and business for the benefit of the entire company.

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Enterprise Architecture as a Service provided focus to business transformation

Posti, the Finnish postal service, is undergoing a  business transformation. The company is widening its scope into logistics, e-commerce and other new service areas – and digitalization is at the heart of these new ventures. Sofigate’s Enterprise Architecture as a Service model helped Posti to find new focus and clear targets for their EA.

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Lindström used Sofigate’s Business Technology Design method to ensure the company’s strategy process was being led by business objectives and not siloed into operational functions. Using the Business Technology Design method, Sofigate planned and facilitated workshops, supported business development and organised and supported internal communications as well as helped create a platform strategy for Lindström.

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IT and business grew into equal partners

Nordic construction giant NCC decided to reorganize its IT function so that IT could help develop the business side on a more strategical level while also providing services in a more cost-effective manner. Consolidating five separate IT units from five different countries under one roof was not a simple task, but Sofigate helped NCC reach the goal in record time. Allowing the NCC staff to develop their skills through inclusion was key to successful consolidation.

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Helping a digitally oriented accounting company take the next smart leap forward

Talenom, a Finnish accounting office, prides itself with its ability to offer advanced digital solutions and services. To take a leap even further and stay ahead, Talenom decided to utilize Sofigate in gaining a comprehensive analysis for going forward. Why is it so important for a modern, digitally oriented company to gain outsider perspective for creating a current state analysis and a change program?

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Creating a proper project portfolio and management model

Sofigate helped HSL to reorganize their project management and modernize development processes, starting from IT projects. The goal of the entire renewal process was to make projects transparent and to provide the management and employees with a general view of what is going on in projects from the operative and cost points of view. The most significant outcome has been that projects are now easier to manage and control because everybody is on board about how the process is supposed to proceed.

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Early reference team involvement ensures success

ABB Drives Service has used Sofigate’s project managers in their development projects for several years. One of the key success factors in these projects has been the early involvement of reference teams from different, globally very scattered, business organizations. How does one facilitate cooperation, form consensus and reach goals in this kind of environment, without having any face-to-face workshops?

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Integrating IT functions and solutions with the strategic goals of Elenia’s business operations

The electricity distribution company Elenia wanted its IT functions and solutions to be more closely integrated with the strategic goals of its business operations. Together with Elenia, Sofigate built a practical business technology strategy, which has had a clear impact on the everyday activities of the company. It has been used to create general guidelines and priorities for development.

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How to lead an ERP project like a business transformation, not an IT endeavour

L&T Environmental services had recently been taking adventurous steps in creating new business, and so they wanted to find an ERP solution that would not hinder future innovations. Sofigate’s Business Technology Design methodology minimises the risk of failure by putting business into the core of an IT project. Innovative working methods empower and engage management and staff to become change agents.

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Competence Design helped link strategy into practice

The National Opera and Ballet had been preparing for the 2020s by designing a brand new strategy. Sofigate’s Business Technology Design methods, the use of competence design, and experience in constructing an enterprise architecture helped prioritise those business competences that most require developing so that the new strategy comes to life and succeeds.

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Business Technology Academy helped implement a new operating model

IT operations were identified as an integral part of Vapo’s business. Sofigate Business Technology Academy’s change programme set out to increase Vapo’s IT unit’s expertise readiness to support a changing Vapo as well as clarify the management models, processes, roles, and responsibilities of Vapo Group’s IT unit.

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BT Standard helped modernize IT operations to create business value

When Finnair, one of the most renowned aviation companies in the world, decided to renew their IT operations, their CIO Kari Saarikoski realized it was time to create a completely new operating model. By utilizing Business Technology Standard (formerly IT Standard for Business) as framework, Finnair managed to tighten its IT operations with business in a very concrete way.

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Technology Solutions

Learn how Sofigate's technology solutions have helped companies adopt digital transformation and grow their business.

Modernizing business processes with SAP Business ByDesign and Sofigate

A growing building automation supplier Fidelix wanted to have a new and modern ERP system. By selecting SAP Business ByDesign and partnering up with Sofigate, the company increased productivity of its end-to-end business processes and strengthened transparency to its overall business.

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Bringing production management and sales processes together in Salesforce opened up the possibility to continue towards a grand ambition

”Sofigate impressed us with their strong experience of bringing together similar content on the Salesforce platform. Their honest and open way of working and communicating also valuable to us,” says Lindeberg, stating the reasons why the Music Centre decided to select Sofigate as their Salesforce partner.

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Modernising financial ERP and reporting

The media company Alma Media wanted to renew its financial enterprise resource planning (ERP) and reporting and to procure all required services in line with the one-stop-shop principle. The company partnered up with Sofigate which updated their SAP system and now provides Alma Media with support for the related solutions. The new solutions allow Alma Media to start developing its financial and business reporting activities further.

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From chaos to clarity: UN Women digitalised fundraising

UN Women Finland needed to focus on the big picture in fundraising and serve the needs of its monthly donors better. Sofigate helped UN Women Finland integrate data and information from multiple sources and systems into Salesforce, which became the main platform for handling all of the organisation’s digital monthly donor fundraising – from donor data to billing.

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How to modernise an out-of-date customer relations management system to meet today’s needs and to serve over 4,000 yearly exhibitors? Together with Sofigate, Tampere Trade Fairs implemented Salesforce as their new cloud-based, end-to-end CRM platform. It is now used across departments to manage all of Tampere Trade Fairs’ marketing and sales, supporting the daily work of the whole company.

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