Business Technology

Why Business Technology?

Businesses, regardless of sector, are living, breathing and operating in an environment where Information Technology is changing the landscape around them, transitioning from the back room of an organisation into the hands of customers, employees and society. Traditional operating frameworks and models are unable to support the new era that is driven by business and customer needs. Vastly reduced development cycles, disruptive business models and increased market competition are highlighting the ever increasing critical role of Information Technology in businesses. Business leaders face progressively more dynamic and fluid markets. As new value is created in these disrupted markets, business planning and forecasting success is heavily reliant on the successful exploitation of technology. Business Technology is designed to guide organisations and to include their use and application of Information Technology across all business areas. It delivers best practice guidance to IT functions and, crucially, it ensures that other business areas continue to increasingly exploit technological advances. Above all the goal is to ensure a holistic approach is taken to deliver customer value, and to develop and sustain business agility.

Elements of Business Technology

Emerging technologies are accelerating BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION, requiring business and process development and a forward-looking governance.

Digitalisation provides new business opportunities, and requires consistent DIGITAL FRONTLINE on how to face customers, partners and employees in a networked multi-channel world.

Traditional IT needs to become the TECHNOLOGY BACKBONE that is responsible for development, and management of digital and administrative solutions in a professional way.

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In the digitalized fast-paced world, openness and sharing is the way to go forward. This is why we have founded the IT Standard Forum, developing the open source framework IT Standard for Business together with our clients.

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