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Case Coronaria Kuntoutuspalvelut Oy

Designing business technology to empower rehabilitation professionals

Coronaria Kuntoutuspalvelut Oy is a leading provider of rehabilitation and therapy services across nearly 100 locations in Finland. Their mission is to build innovative healthcare in Finland to benefit everyone: better care for customers, improved well-being for their personnel, and cost savings for society.

The collaboration with Sofigate was sparked by the desire to unlock potential within existing systems and strategically navigate towards future advancements. Success hinged on establishing a shared vision and identifying clear paths forward, focusing on process and technology optimisation. The path forward has been created in close collaboration with Sofigate.  

Less administrative tasks, better customer care

Over the years, Coronaria has experienced remarkable growth, evolving from a modest team of 100 people to a robust network of over 1,000 specialists. This expansion brought challenges, especially in IT applications. The company amassed various IT systems that became increasingly disjointed, leading to inefficiencies and a reliance on manual labor for tasks that could have been automated. This lack of integration made operations challenging and obscured the company’s vision for managing customer journeys and delivering an exceptional employee experience.  

“Our experts spend a lot of time planning, recording, and reporting their work with the customer – the more we can relieve our experts’ burden of administrative tasks, the better customer care we can provide,” says CEO of Coronaria Kuntoutuspalvelut, Arto Lamberg

Without a unified IT approach, the company struggled to streamline processes, resulting in additional workload and diminished effectiveness. Looking ahead, the company recognises the importance of fostering well-being at work and leveraging AI as key themes for the future. These improvements are crucial for enhancing operational efficiency, allowing the company to focus on innovation and superior service. 

“In the past we have executed small and large changes to our ways of working and our IT landscape, The new changes required are on a larger scale than we are used to. We wanted to make sure that the transformation is planned with care so that our experts don’t become overburdened,” says Lamberg. 

To understand the big picture and to make sure they focused on the right things, the organisation turned to Sofigate.  

“Not the result, but the whole process”

Initially, the different business units’ perspectives on needed changes were unclear, so it was important to deep dive into the main challenges faced by the business. To get a holistic view, support processes were also analysed. Coronaria Kuntoutuspalvelut chose Sofigate for the collaborative aspect of our design methods – we don’t just tell the customer what to do, but plan the whole transformation together with them, starting the journey towards better business processes.   

“The most important thing in this project was not the result, but the whole prosess was an excellent journey for our management team. The project was led with great professionalism and was well facilitated. We got clear guidelines for the future from this process,” says Lamberg. 

With a focus on a future vision, the Business Technology Design method was enthusiastically received by Coronaria Kuntoutuspalvelut. The method addresses future requirements such as business capabilities, people, and skills, and addresses the future role of technology and data. 

“Collaborating with Coronaria Kuntoutuspalvelut was effortless thanks to a motivated and active management team throughout the design work. We reached a common understanding of the necessary changes for better processes quickly, and formed a solid commitment to the upcoming changes,” says Lassi Mäkinen, CTO of the Management & Operations unit at Sofigate. 

The journey continues

As Coronaria Kuntoutuspalvelut had already been making good progress with streamlining their business and support processes, it was important to work together towards common understanding and right-sized steps to take. Employees, the rehabilitation experts, had already faced multiple changes in the past, so the transformation should happen gradually over time. 

“The design resulted in an agreed view of the business capabilities needed for the future, with everyone being on the same page about the prioritisation. A practical roadmap was created together, considering available resources and better use of current technologies, as well as new technology to support processes even better,” says Mäkinen. 

For Coronaria Kuntoutuspalvelut, the journey continues with the execution of the formed roadmap.  

“A crucial part of the work was to align transformation goals together with the management team and understand if there are any gaps in readiness for the upcoming change. We now know where to focus our efforts and what alternative scenarios we can consider,” says Lamberg. 

The collaborative effort between Coronaria Kuntoutuspalvelut and Sofigate represents a significant step towards modernising and streamlining the operations of one of Finland’s leading rehabilitation service providers. By focusing on the integration of technology and process optimisation, Coronaria Kuntoutuspalvelut is well on its way to achieving its mission of providing innovative healthcare solutions that benefit customers, employees, and society at large.


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