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Prescribing a digital remedy – elevating Orion’s IT service management with Sofigate Academy

Orion Corporation, a leader in Finnish pharmaceuticals, recognised the urgent need to modernise its IT service management to keep pace with evolving industry standards. Through a strategic collaboration with Sofigate, they embarked on an initiative that leveraged the Business Technology Standard to not only streamline operations but also enhance service efficiency — achieving remarkable improvements in both IT functionality and business outcomes. 

Hanna Sugiyama (Photo: Orion)

Driving innovation in pharmaceutical IT

Orion stands at the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation, particularly in oncology and pain management. To better align IT service management with its ambitious business goals, Orion wanted to commit to modernising its IT. A key part of this initiative was to ensure that all IT personnel were proficient with the Business Technology Standard (BT Standard), which had already been integral to Orion’s IT operations for years. 

“Ensuring that our IT team fully understands and applies the BT Standard is vital for optimising our service management and effectively supporting our business,” explains Hanna Sugiyama, Service Management Officer at Orion. 

By strategically enhancing IT service management, Orion would be able to elevate operational efficiencies and unlock potential within its IT department, enhancing support for critical research and development efforts. 

The significance of choosing a strategic IT partner

Orion’s ongoing positive experiences with Sofigate set the stage for their next step in IT transformation, partnering with Sofigate Academy. The Academy specialises in training programmes that are custom-designed to enhance organisational and individual skills in Business Technology, suitable for both classroom and online learning environments. This strategic partnership was essential for introducing the latest business technology practices to Orion’s IT team. 

The tailor-made training programme developed for Orion aimed to update skills and foster a culture of collaboration and participation across the IT department. Each session was crafted to address the specific roles and challenges within Orion, ensuring that every team member could fully engage and obtain maximum benefit. 
“It’s always rewarding to conduct trainings that not only build skills but also bring teams closer together,” says Liisa Korkiakoski, CTO of Sofigate Academy, as she shares her enthusiasm about the approach. “We were particularly excited about involving key IT leaders in our open Business Technology Leaders training. This focused on practical applications of the BT Standard within their roles, enhancing their ability to lead and innovate.” 

Following strategic alignment sessions, the training programme was expanded to include customised modules for the wider IT team. These sessions, which featured business simulation games and both virtual and in-person workshops, were designed to support cooperation and refine technical expertise across the department. The aim was to ensure that the transformation extended beyond mere technical updates, and fostered genuine teamwork and operational cohesion. 

Efficiency and impact from IT overhaul 

The IT transformation at Orion, supported by Sofigate, has led to significant operational enhancements across the company. This initiative has redefined the IT department from a traditional support role to a central contributor to core business strategies, now involved in decision-making and operational improvements. 

“The changes we’ve implemented have fundamentally reshaped our IT operations. Our team is now integral in steering the company towards its strategic goals, demonstrating the effectiveness of the training and restructuring we underwent,” Hanna Sugiyama says. “I would wholeheartedly recommend this approach to other companies facing similar challenges. When you need to develop capabilities quickly, having access to expert support is invaluable. With limited resources, Sofigate provided exactly the expertise we needed.” 

The restructuring included various training methods specifically chosen to meet Orion’s unique needs, effectively enhancing team cohesion and adaptability. As a result, the IT department now operates more efficiently, with faster service delivery and improved alignment with Orion’s rapid growth. This strategic shift has placed IT at the core of Orion’s operations, enabling the company to maintain its leadership in the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry. 


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