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More automation, please

A system built on ServiceNow transformed Technopolis’ property management

How to bring all your company data together and grow your business? Technopolis, a provider of high-class office spaces and services, was faced with the same challenge that is slowing down digitalization in many organizations: scattered data preventing seeing the big picture.

As a solution, Technopolis, with the help of Sofigate’s experts, adopted the Nuvolo business platform, which today handles practically all the organisation’s property management tasks. Nuvolo is an app built on top of ServiceNow. Sofigate’s experts tailored it to meet Technopolis’ needs to increase efficiency and reduce manual processes.

In the video, Risto Kivisilta, CIO of Technopolis, explains three ways in which Sofigate and ServiceNow reformed Technopolis’ property management.

“Above all, Sofigate made us think; understanding more where this world is going and what our role in it is,” Kivisilta sums up in the video.

Read more about Technopolis on their global website here:

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