Meet Eero Noroviita. This experienced leadership & management professional joined Sofigate in the beginning of August to lead our Business Core Renewal business area. What are his thoughts after his first weeks with us?
You have an impressive leadership background from global companies. Seven years at Oracle and more than 17 years at Microsoft. What insights have you gained from those experiences?

Those years have taught me how to lead high performing sales, marketing and service operations in a variety of customer segments. At Microsoft understanding the role of ecosystem was always a critical success factor in the market. I have also had the privilege to be part of developing and launching a totally new technology paradigm, which has changed the role of technology not only in businesses but in consumer behaviour, too.

After spending more than twenty years at US based companies, I felt the urge to put what I had learned into use in a Finnish company. I first joined Mepco which became Accountor Enterprise Solutions. A few years later, the company was sold to Digia Oyj. After ensuring Accountor Enterprise’s smooth integration into Digia’s operations, I’m now excited to start a new chapter in my career at Sofigate.

Why did you choose to join Sofigate?

Sofigate’s core idea matches my own business philosophy. It is a company that seamlessly brings together consulting expertise, powerful own concepts and business technology implementation.

I have seen what happens when business consulting and implementation are kept apart. The desired business results rarely happen and return on investment falls short from expectation.

The true benefit of Sofigate’s approach is using its own concepts and proven methodology in building a bridge between business consulting and skilled implementation of the world-class business technology platforms. This is a unique and inspiring combination in the market which makes Sofigate a perfect partner for customers’ digital transformation journey.

Another thing I find special about Sofigate is the way the company is encouraging its employees to grow as professionals: I believe in continuos learning and feel it is highly rewarding to work in an environment that supports your personal growth. At Sofigate, we are all surrounded by brilliant people and provided with opportunities to learn.

The past year has more than proven that business and technology are inseparable. In your opinion, what should companies realize about business technology in order to survive and excel in competition?

First, many companies are losing time and business opportunities because they are waiting for the right moment for business technology projects. Usually, there is no better moment than right now – well maybe yesterday ; ). Companies need to prioritize their development projects and have the appropriate sense of urgency to take action. Implementation can be done gradually in sprints.

The cloud-based business technology platforms are true game-changers. They have been developed with an immense budget and have millions of users and different use cases worldwide. They cover all the basic business needs globally.

Some companies feel that their business is so special they need a heavily customized solution. At the same time, they compromise the benefits of the ever-green business platforms. Companies can benefit from the world-class solutions by utilizing the globally tested business platforms for majority of their generic processes and focusing their efforts on strengthening the real competitive edge.

Finally, companies need to re-evaluate their operating models with the speed of change in mind. The lines between traditional industries are becoming blurred and competition can appear from an unexpected direction. In this kind of fast-paced environment, we can’t stick to the old business practices. Instead, continuous development needs to be a state of mind both in business and technology.

During the next few months, you will meet many new clients and collegues. What is your message to them?

I’m looking forward to building close partnerships with our customers, following Sofigate’s ”customer first” ideology. A true business partner must be able to provide value for a customer. We can do this by recognizing new development opportunities for customers and being competitive.

My fellow Sofigators are true experts in leading digital transformation. I hope that together, we will share the enthusiasm and challenge each other to seek ever better ways of working for the benefit for our customers.

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