As the digital revolution continues to intensify, many companies are looking for agile and business driven integration solutions to boost their business automation roadmap. Sofigate plays a key role in responding to this need by automating and streamlining data flows and eliminating silos in business. Here’s our integration specialists Saravana ChandraBose and Antti Huhmarniemi on what makes this challenge such a current, and exciting, one.

”I love the fact that integrations are pretty straight-forward – they either work or they don’t. You can see the result straight away. When two systems work in perfect harmony with each other other, it’s a magical moment for us integration experts,” Antti Huhmarniemi begins his description on what makes working with integrations so rewarding.

”Integration specialists also get to have a very unique view of the company landscape – all the applications and information nerve system in one frame,” Saravana ChandraBose continues.

The growth of digitalization throughout the business processes has introduced some companies to a new challenge – as there are more systems, it is harder for companies to form one clear view of what systems are actually necessary and how the applications are supposed to work together.

”I’ve seen cases where companies really don’t even know what applications they have,” ChandraBose points out. ”Here’s where integration specialists play a key part – we help companies see clearer.”

People business, not just IT business

For integration specialists, it’s not all about knowing various different tech tools: having a good set of ears is vital, too. Because of the nature of integrations, there’s many people involved in every integration project.

”This is not an IT-driven business, this is a people business. It is so important to be able to get along with people from different backgrounds. Never have I had a job where I’ve had the chance to work with so many talented people with unique backgrounds. It’s extremely rewarding,” Antti says.

A room full of the best tech toys you can imagine

As for the tech side, both Antti and Saravana say that on most days, you get to feel like a kid unwrapping their Christmas presents.

”Before Sofigate, I mainly used one single integration tool. Now, I have all these different tools and solutions – I feel like a kid in a candy store!” Saravana laughs.

Sofigate’s offering of extensive learning and development programs for employees has also meant that work never gets boring.

”I get to work on a variety of projects and a variety of companies. We have a very flat organization, which means that everyone’s voice gets heard. Even now, this is not the norm in the IT industry. Sofigate is a definite forerunner,” Antti says.

Jitterbit iPaaS has established its role as a handy tool

Last year, Sofigate partnered up with Jitterbit iPaaS. Since then, Jitterbit technology has become a part of Sofigate’s existing solutions palette for business integrations – and a handy tool for Saravana and Antti.

”I hadn’t worked with Jitterbit before, but I had some experience on similar technologies. Jitterbit is just far more advanced – it has those tiny nyances that make it a powerful tool for creating integrations in hybrid architectures,” Saravana says.

Antti also points out Jitterbit allows integration specialists to focus more on the business logic part.

”Jitterbit takes care large part of the configuration for you. This is a big relief and allows us to focus on the important stuff – like the business logic and customer needs. Also, even if you’re new to Jitterbit, you can use their Jitterpaks as a reference. It’s so easy and quick to learn – 2 to 3 weeks!”

A gift that keeps on giving

As for the future, integration specialists are in it to win it. Gartner estimates that the market for iPaaS (integration platform as a service) will grow by an annual rate of over 55 per cent in the coming years. Antti and Saravana are excited about their future possibilities, and new challenges, at Sofigate.

”One thing is certain – the pace is not going to slow down. We as integration professionals play a key part in driving business automation forward. And boy are we up to the challenge!”


Are you looking for an interesting and versatile role in the front line of business technology, where you will have a possibility to become a wanted professional in a respected field? We’re now looking for ambitious and curious integration specialists to join our teams in Helsinki, Oulu or Tampere! Read more here and send your application today – we want to hear from you!

Antti Huhmarniemi and Saravana ChandraBose

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