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Leaving Las Vegas – Key takeaways from Knowledge 23

The ServiceNow Knowledge 2023 conference has ended and it’s time for our ServiceNow experts to share the most essential take aways from the event.

First time back in Las Vegas after the pandemic you felt the expectation and excitement amongst the ~15 thousand customers and partners who participated during the three-day event.

The conference was kicked off as usual by the ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott, someone who has achieved somewhat of a rockstar status within the ServiceNow community.

Bill presented the ServiceNow top priorities for the near future and coming 3 releases (Utah, Vancouver, and Washington DC):

Generative AI within ServiceNow

Intelligence is a current hot topic in the whole industry and society today – and to appear relevant you expect to have a take on this. Therefor you felt the relief and excitement from people in the audience when ServiceNow during the keynote on day 2 revealed the cooperation with NVIDIA to jointly build Generative AI capabilities within the platform capabilities for the enterprise. ServiceNow and NVIDIA will leverage on exiting NVIDIA resources and language models and extend with subsets based on ServiceNow data. Even if still being developed and first version not released until late this or early next year earliest some really exiting use cases was shown and demonstrated during the conference.

For example:

The opportunity with Generative AI is endless, but with this comes responsibilities and questions about ethics and how to use it? I think this will become something all organizations need to consider following this shift in the industry. Some governance and control will still be needed. Therefor framework as BTS and partners like Sofigate still is very relevant to guide you how this is done. This was also the topic of Juha Kujala’s (Sofigate Executive CTO) session during the conference “Democratize technology! But don’t let Citizen Developers leave a mess behind”. A fully booked session that raised a lot of interest and question afterwards.

ServiceNow announcements and capabilities

Other interesting announcements and capabilities showcased During Knowledge 2023 was:

Would you like to learn more about the new and updated capabilities within the ServiceNow platform and how to realize the value of these? Please let us know and let’s co-create!

Finally, we hope to see you next year at Knowledge 24!

The authors:

Johan Haglund is a longtime developer and architect of ServiceNow and has the position as Business Technology Senior Manager.

Markus Nilsson is a ServiceNow expert and functions as a Business Technology Senior Specialist.

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Greetings from Knowledge 2023 in Las Vegas – check out our webinar for the latest ServiceNow related trends and topics! 
Friends of ServiceNow gathered in Las Vegas for the main event of the year at Knowledge on 14-18 May 2023. Sofigate was of course present at the conference. 


Do you want to know more?

Check out our Knowledge in a Nutshell webinar!