Today, in the aftermath of rapid technology developments and increasingly changing business needs, one-supplier model has proven costly and rigid in addressing IT objectives. Multisource models are more attractive because they allow IT organizations to move away from “indispensable” single service providers and towards a competitive and agile supplier environment where they can capitalize on lower costs and optimized offerings. This is what Service Integration And Management (SIAM) is about.

Sofigate’s SIAM wizard, Michael Imhoff was lucky to get in touch with one of Denmark’s top 20 companies at the exact time when they were wondering why – having formalized a SIAM function since some years – they were still not experiencing the unlock of their vendors’ potential that they had hoped for. The client’s 500+ employee IT department is mature with ServiceNow, especially in the area of ITSM (IT Service Management) and they have good and skillful people within the SIAM function. So, a Sofigate team led by Morten Bech was engaged to assess the balance and level of maturity within Governance, People, Processes, Tooling and Contracts based on Sofigate’s best practice SIAM model.


Now, after 2 months of rigorous data collection, the team is currently building the final report with a comprehensive list of actionable recommendations on how to take SIAM to the next level. Driving benefits for the road map are improved customer satisfaction, a higher quality of service, optimized costs and especially more direct control over decision making and enforced accountability.


If you would like to hear more, we welcome you to get in touch with Rolf Greisen.



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