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“This is a relationship business” – Robert Lingemark wants to help companies leverage their business technology investments

Robert Lingemark started with designing huge aircraft and became passionate about even larger business transformations. Succeeding in them is a question of values.

Robert Lingemark has only worked as Business Executive at Sofigate for a few months, but he already has strong feelings about the company.

“Sofigate’s core values – Dare, Care, Grow – are a perfect match with my personal values,” Robert says, smiling.

“I believe that every professional must dare to challenge one’s customers to always look for the best solution for their business and not be satisfied with the conventional wisdom or the way things have been done before. To do that, we must genuinely care about our customers, our colleagues, and our team members. What follows from that is the ability to grow.”

With that, Robert takes a deep breath. His smile grows even broader, and his tone becomes even more enthusiastic.

“What really gets me out of bed every morning is the chance to grow: personally, as a team, as a company – and most importantly, help our customers grow their business.”

“The mindset of ‘quality first’ will never leave me”

Robert Lingemark’s whole career is, in many ways, a story of daring, caring, and growing.

When he was finishing his studies of Computer Systems at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, he got the opportunity to work as an intern and write his Master’s Thesis for Lufthansa Systems in Hamburg. After graduation, this led to a job as a Technical Manager at Airbus and then as a Designer at Lufthansa Technik.

“Working in gigantic aircraft programs was first and foremost a lesson in quality management. There are huge numbers of technical and regulatory aspects to consider and absolutely no room for errors. And that goes for the whole lifecycle of the product, as aircraft are designed to fly safely for thousands of hours. The way we test and market products in the IT field is, to be honest, very different. Still, I don’t think that the mindset of ‘quality first’ will ever leave me,” Robert says.

After joining the IT industry, Robert has worked ever more closely with business technology platforms and with increasingly complex transformation programs. As a Senior Project Manager at BMC Software in the early 2010s, he was in charge of helping Ericsson set up a global program for their telecommunications clients. At H&M, he led a program building a cloud-based system which enabled the retail giant’s vast network of designers and suppliers to engage and collaborate more efficiently. Most recently, Robert worked for two years as a Customer Success Architect for ServiceNow.

“Joining ServiceNow was a true Eureka moment from the perspective that I got a truly good view of how many organizations struggle to realize value from their technology investments and transform their businesses to drive business efficiency. I want to change that – and so does Sofigate.”

“This is very much a relationship business”

At Sofigate, Robert sees huge opportunities to use his experience and expertise with the Sofigate team to help clients reach their strategic goals – and to continue growing. As he says, Sofigate is not in the business of providing just business technology solutions but in the business of driving real business value.

“Business management in many companies is still very conservative when it comes to truly leveraging platforms as an enabler to transform their businesses. It is our job to enable our clients to use the power of modern technology platforms and help them unleash it to drive business value,”. Robert says.

Robert says that Sofigate portfolio is more relevant than ever. In fact, Sofigate’s business transformation capabilities, in combination with its ability to build and automate EX, CX and ITX workflows with ServiceNow, makes it more or less unique. In a nutshell, Sofigate knows how to move its clients into a position where they have digital-proofed their future.

Finding the best solution for every client comes down to having the right team to do it. That requires not only the best technical experts but also people who have a deep understanding of the clients’ businesses. At the end of the day, making it all work comes down to values: daring, caring, and growing.

“Sofigate is a very Nordic, very value-driven company, and I really like that. The organization is diverse and multinational, and everyone is appreciated as they are. The small cultural differences only make teams and the whole company stronger. I’d say that the corporate culture is Nordic with a Finnish touch,” Robert says, once again smiling.

“I’ve enjoyed working with Finns ever since I first came to Finland as an exchange student more than 20 years ago. We Swedes sometimes like to debate things a bit too much, but once a decision is made, Finns commit themselves to the decision, stop talking, and start working. I love that.”