This year, Sofigate has reached the age of 15 years. One major milestone to celebrate this journey is the publishing of the book Business Technology Visions2020. Featuring 24 ‘windows to the future’, the book is a collection of articles written by Sofigate employees.

The Visions2020 producer Susanna Posti gathered a group of Sofigate employees and led them to find innovative people to interview during a course of 12 months. The book includes articles on various subjects from robotics to using intuition at work.  All articles are based on these interviews of individuals and companies already “living in the future”.

It was a long and winding road, but it was never boring, and the end result was definitely worth it. I’m very proud of the book and grateful to all of those who participated in making this happen”, says Susanna.

The result is a set of insightful visions from individuals and companies with original ideas. The articles are divided into three conceptual sub-categories:

  • Unleashing the human potential: People, competences and ways of working.
  • Managing the digital revolution: Apps, big data, robotics and IoT.
  • Winning with new rules: Ecosystems, business models and servitisation.

The article series will be published on throughout the rest of the year. Together, they form a series, with each article containing their own separate pieces of future vision.

Here’s your windows to the future, happy reading!

Visions 2020 Part 1: Anything Can Be Predicted

Visions2020 Part 2: Digitalisation is a Cultural Change About How to Unleash the Human Capacity

Visions 2020 Part 3: Listen To Your Staff

Visions2020 Part 4: AI Triathlon

Visions2020 Part 5: Together We Stand, Together We Fall, Together We Win With New Rules

Visions2020 Part 6: Achieving Life Balance

Visions2020 Part 7: Will There be Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in 2020?

Visions2020 Part 8: How to Make IT Your Company’s Competitive Edge

Visions2020 Part 9: HTS – A Smart Solution

Visions2020 Part 10: Build Personal Wellbeing and Organisational Performance Will Follow

Visions2020 Part 11: There are only ones and zeros in the digitalisation game

Visions2020 Part 13: AI and Service Innovations in the Legal Profession

Visions2020 Part 14: People Want to be a Part of a Bigger Value Chain

Visions2020 Part 15: Digital Nomads Can’t be Tied to Their Desks

Visions2020 Part 16: Reflections on the Future of Selling and Banking

Visions2020 Part 17: Select Your Attitude and Stay on the Frontline

Visions2020 Part 18: Digitalisation Challenges the Relevance of Traditional Banks

Visions2020 Part 19: What Has Changed in Media Business Due to Digitalization


Visions 2020 Part 21: How to Benefit From Intelligent Intuition

Visions 2020 Part 22: Robotics and AI vs Humans – Changes in Working Life

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