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“We perform at our best when we connect with our clients on a personal level” – Helene Claesson wants to ensure that technology is accessible to all

Helene Claesson loves gadgets that are elegant and easy to use. She thinks the services Sofigate delivers to its clients should also be like that. 

When Helene Claesson walks, she doesn’t just walk. She builds team spirit. 

Every step she takes is tracked by an app on her Apple Watch. Unlike most people, her goal isn’t just limited to achieving her daily step count, she also contributes to her team’s collective step count. In Sofigate Sweden, teams with members from different locations compete against each other in a walking competition. Most recently, they completed an imaginary walking journey from Stockholm to Nice, France. 

“The team walking competition is an excellent way to promote a healthy lifestyle and foster team spirit. Especially since steps count double when walking together with a colleague”, Helene explains.

“It’s a tangible example of what I appreciate about Sofigate and its culture. I left my previous job because I wasn’t very satisfied with how the company cared for its employees. Sofigate is the opposite. It genuinely cares about people – as individuals, but also as members of a community.”

“Technology should enhance our lives, not complicate them”

Helene grew up in Stockholm but studied at Lund University and has since made Lund her home. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Informatics and later added a degree in Business Administration. 

“I distinctly remember a class where my professor described Informatics as the filter between people and technology. That concept resonated with me. I understood how technology shapes businesses and our lives and wanted to apply Informatics and systems thinking to ensure that it’s accessible to all, not just to IT professionals”, Helene says.

“I aimed to ensure that technology simplifies our lives, rather than making them more complex. I suppose that’s what I’m still doing twenty years later as a consultant.”

Helene has been with Sofigate for more than five years, currently working as the Head of Platform Services for Denmark and Southern Sweden, based in Malmö. Helene also collaborates closely with colleagues and teams from other offices in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Hungary.

“This is a small office with fewer than ten people, so coming to work really feels like coming home every day. Remarkably, it’s a similar atmosphere in other offices as well. People are equally welcoming and professional whether I’m in Stockholm or, for instance, Espoo”, Helene notes, with a smile.

“Our clients can sense a certain ‘Sofigate spirit’”

But is a strong corporate culture just about being friendly and feeling appreciated, or does it also relate to achieving results?

“It’s unquestionably about results as well. I’m confident our clients can sense a certain ‘Sofigate spirit’ in how we operate”, Helene says.

“Our job is to help them grow their businesses. To achieve that, we must understand their businesses, and we do that best when we also connect with them on a personal level – and when they understand us as well. Consulting is very much centered on building relationships. I have many very longstanding business relationships and I consider many of my clients as my personal friends.”

Helene points at her Apple Watch, the one she uses for tracking her steps, among many other things. She is a fan of gadgets, and especially loves Apple products.

“What I admire about Apple is that their products feel like they were created with people in mind. The gadgets are beautiful, easy to use, and most importantly, practical. I believe our work is quite similar. We aim to deliver services to our clients that are equally elegant and human-centric. And, of course, successful.”