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What the SFBTU?

This week we started a new program named SFBTU, or Salesforce Business Technology University in full. Now you may ask, what the SFBTU are we talking about? Let me tell you:

The demand, like often with our new initiatives, came from the market and is based on feedback from our clients. The Salesforce market is growing rapidly, with the expectation to double up by 2022. We are super happy that so many companies and organizations are embracing the business agility that the world’s leading digitalization platform enables for them. The downside is that the amount of people capable of leading and implementing the digitalization initiatives is not always growing at the same pace. Today, it is completely normal that our clients have to wait for 6–9 months for people with the right skill set to lead their digitalization initiatives on Salesforce. The scarcity of skilled people in the Salesforce ecosystem has definitely become a bottleneck for developing business technology solutions!

So we asked ourselves: what could a company with a great track record in re-skilling and coaching thousands of business technology professionals do to help this? A company with plenty of expertise and a host of concepts around how to successfully run digitalization and transformation initiatives from planning to implementing and efficiently running them. We were pretty confident that we could do quite a lot to help the situation.

The seed for the idea was planted in San Fransisco during the Dreamforce 2018 event. Fast forward 4 months (and effort from nearly 40 Sofigators!) and we now have the program up and running with 13 new digitalization professionals on their way to ease the bottleneck!

This is the Sofigate way of doing things: we help our clients acquire new skills – and quite often this requires us to learn new skills as well. The acronyms might sometimes be confusing, but the content is always clear and inspiring.