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7 lessons learnt from 1,000+ ServiceNow projects

We have been part of ServiceNow’s growth from the world’s best IT service management tool to what it was originally designed for: a platform for digital business.

We believe ServiceNow development is more about people than technology.

Since 2009, we have delivered more than
1,000 successful ServiceNow projects where
our customers have digitalised services and
automated workflows with ServiceNow.

What have we learned? We decided to collect seven most important lessons into a guide to share our knowledge.

Each lesson starts with an old idea that is persistent in many organisations. We want to challenge them and help our customers get so much more out of ServiceNow.

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Platform-powered transformations

We believe ServiceNow development is more about people than technology. That’s why we talk about human-centred service automation. To create a great service experience you must shift your mindset: instead of designing services from a siloed point of view, put the human in the centre. Cross-functional and highly automated workflows ensure that services are delivered seamlessly across systems, departments and your whole ecosystem. This simplifies the lives of all the stakeholders involved and allows them to focus on the most meaningful tasks.

Every ServiceNow project should be a transformation project.

Low code / no code platforms like ServiceNow enable the next big transformation of your business. Business technologists will create the solutions of the future. Our minimum viable governance approach empowers your people to take action where they see opportunities for development while ensuring that you achieve sustainable value from ServiceNow.

If you’d like to hear more about how we at Sofigate work with ServiceNow, get in touch!