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3 scenarios on the future of HR management

What will HR management be like in 2030?

HR management will no longer exist in 2030.

The above headline is a bold statement made in autumn 2020 by our think tank consisted of HR professionals.

What will remain of the sector when HR management as we know it no longer exists and most HR operations are automated?

What will happen when artificial intelligence (AI) offers a better employee experience than HR professionals?

These are some of the questions we shed light on in this whitepaper, which will help shake old ideas that prevail in the HR sector.

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1: A future where your colleague is a robot and the HR system is a self-learning system?

In 2030, we will live in the era of smart and self-learning systems. We will have learnt to work with automated systems and robots, which guide and support decision-making. Conventional HR functions will have disappeared from pioneering companies. The responsibilities traditionally carried out by HR departments will be distributed across companies’ business units.

2: A future where well-being and the sense of community are optimised?

By 2030, the optimisation of well-being and work will have become so popular among employees that many will be prepared to pay for it. Office space offered by the employer will be seen as a privilege, and high-quality encounters will be expected from the work community. To this end, many pioneering companies will have their own ‘office granny’, who interacts with employees, determines the need for internal services and sells them.

3: A future where you may also be a nomadic worker?

By 2030, a shortage of certain talent and remote working opportunities will have made the gig economy the norm. The diverse forms of employment relationships will have resulted in employers no longer being able to have an overall picture of an employee’s situation. Therefore, company-specific HR functions will no longer be relevant.

The goal of this publication is to help hr professionals adopt a strategic approach to guiding our field into the future.

We believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it.

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